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Hello from Spa. we have had quite a bit of rain lately. I’m sure the farmers are ready for a dry spell. I hear gardens are producing well. In fact, Stanley and I went to the Farmers’ Market Saturday and there was sure a lot of produce available. There were good ripe tomatoes and anything you could possibly want. I got a watermelon. It was not very ripe, so a dud there.

Hope you had a good 4th. Bless Brenda Coursey, she got out and brought me some cucumbers, which wee much appreciated. Martha Williams came one day and brought me some squash, peppers and tomatoes, and they were really good.

Oh the katy-dids, they are at it already. Glenn Porter heard his first ones on July the 1st and Kathryn Stuart in Russellville heard her first ones on July 4th, so according to the old folks saying around Oct. 1st we will get our first frost. My, my does time not fly?

In talking to former pastor Bro. Kenny Cummins of Princeton, he is quite handicapped as he has a broken foot. So you know what that means? Hope he is soon feeling better.

And another day Martha Harris brought me some sweet corn. I froze a couple of ears and ate the rest and it was good. All that stuff has been delicious. So many thanks.

Sue and James Fuller have had a bad week and had to see the Dr. Sue still sounds awful, but is feeling a wee bit better.

And surprise, surprise who should walk in one day this week other than Spa born and raised Myron Gower from Florida. It was so good to see him. With him was J.R. Cundiff of Russellville. Myron had flown into Dayton, picked up his sis Donna and brought her to their cousins’, J.R. and Zelma Whitson Cundiff. So I didn’t get to see her, but I sure enjoyed the visits with Myron and J.R. Do it again soon.

Remember homecoming is July 26th at Elk Lick with former pastor Bro. Reed Buntin of Nashville, Tennessee. he will be bringing the message at 11 a.m. There will be a special singing at 10 a.m. with the famous Sneed Family. A potluck lunch will follow the morning services. Come and enjoy the day with us. Bro. Reed is a very good preacher and you will enjoy him. The Sneeds are a very good singing group, you will also enjoy them.

Our Sunday school attendance is down. If you are not involved, why not? We need you and you need to be in Sunday school.

Have a good week and remember in a couple of weeks those big old yellow buses are gonna again be on the road, so carefully watch for our kids loading and unloading, cause school is almost here.

Keep the faith and smile, make someone’s day!

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