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Hello to my good friends throughout Logan County and beyond. What a great time to be alive. I feel very good; have lost over 50 lbs. and still working on it and planning for the future. If all goes well I hope to be around for several more years and hopefully still writing this column.

As many of you know I have been a big movie fan since I was a child. Saturday matinee at the movies with a Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or a Road Runner short, a serial like the Lost World and a double feature of westerns, what could be better! Admission was a dime and eventually 12 cents if you were under 12. (I stayed under 12 for several years, and then I got too tall.) When you reach 12 years old you had to pay a whopping 15 cents for admission. There was an intermission between westerns and everyone would go to the lobby and spend their remaining change on a five cent coke, a 10 cent popcorn and a nickel Baby Ruth candy bar. Your whole Saturday morning ritual with your best friends cost less than 35 cents! Those were great days!

Those old movie days have led me to a hobby of collecting old western comic books and autographed pictures of some of my old western heroes. My walls at home are lines with these mementos and I still thrill at the site of them. I think you are never too old to dream of your heroes.

One of my biggest heroes was John Wayne, aka Merion Morrison. (The Morrison’s in Adairville are cousins.) I just received in the mail my signed photo of John Wayne. I have now framed it and it is now on the wall along with autographed pictures of Lash LaRue, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, The Durango Kid and many others. When you come to visit me at open house next December you will be able to see these very prized signed photos.

THE BIGGEST AND BEST HORSE SHOW OF THE YEAR, in Logan County, is this Saturday out at the Logan County Extension Service grounds in Russellville. This great event kicks off the 2015 Logan County Fair. Entrance to the fairgrounds is free. There is a modest charge to attend the horse show. (Call the extension service office to check prices or go on line and look for Logan County Kentucky Fair. Full information will be listed there.) Plan on attending all the free animal events that the youth of our county have been working on. There will be lots of free events at the fair and there is no admission to the fair grounds. The members of the Logan County Fair Board have been working harder than ever to bring you a good county fair. Please support them by coming out several evenings. The fair opens each day at 4 p.m. (Some animal events are earlier.)

TRAVELING THE WORLD has been one of my passions for much of my life. I have to thank a relative, long time US Senator Albert Gore, Sr., for planting the seeds in my mind for travel and meeting people. To date I have visited more than 70 foreign countries around the world. Each country has been a thrill and my passports have filled with stamps from each of them. If my health continues to hold up I hope to visit several more. I have long wanted to sail on the Queen Mary, the greatest sailing ship in the world, and if plans continue one of my cousins and I will be taking that trip in the coming months.

WITH A SMILE I frequently think of funny things that happened on trips around the world. One was years ago when I was attending school at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. I was out in the Sinai Desert with some Bedouin tribesmen late one Saturday evening. I suddenly felt very lonely and far from home. Then I looked up and saw several young boys riding their camels. One of the boys reached into his gown and pulled out a portable radio. He immediately turned it to the Grand Ole Opry and there was Hank Snow singing “Traveling On”. I laughed! It made me so happy to hear something from back home.

Another special moment occurred years later when I was working in Washington, D.C. I was sent to the island nation of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. The women of that country had the reputation of being very beautiful. The only problem was that they all wore the veil over their faces and you could not see much more than their eyes. On one occasion a famous circus came to town. I went and it was a great show. The clowns were very funny and the crowds of people laughed often. I looked around and many of the women had dropped their veils. What I saw was a sight to behold. The ugliest women beyond compare! No dental work. Lots of missing teeth. Rings through their lips and noses! Wow what a disappointment! Still it was very funny.

Happy Birthday to Logan County Judge/Executive Logan Chick! He still remains young.

Time to go. Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

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