Spa News

We’ve had some rain his week and I’m sure the tobacco, gardens and all crops could use the good rain.

Monday visiting awhile were Judy Jernigan and granddaughters Grace and Cassidy. I gave them a kitten. Got 2 left, want one?

Tuesday Ada Dorris, Virginia Hart and I went to KFC and ate our lunch. We had good eats, plus a good visit together.

Sue and James Fuller were in B.G. Monday checking in with a Dr.. They came back by Jackson’s Orchard and got me a basket of those delicious peaches.

Stanley, Elaine and Tara are home after a weeks visit with son John, Jessica and Kyla, Michaela and Janessa in Charleston. They had a good visit, and while there Kyla, bless her heart, had trouble with her eyes, had surgery on both eyes while they were there. We hope this takes care of her problems.

July’s birthdays are: the 3rd Danny Johnson, the 7thy B9ob Birdwhistle, the 15th Leo Duncan, the 16th Wayne Jenkins, the 17th Audrey Webb, the 19th Dick Dickerson and Dr. Michael Koller and the 29th our twins Kimber O’dell and Derek Johnson. Enjoy these special days.

If you were not here, do you know where you would be?

Did you have a good 4th? It was very quiet here. Stanley and Elaine grilled burgers, hot dogs and other goodies and shared them with me.

Saturday I drug around all day and Sunday didn’t feel any better., so didn’t make it to church. Bro. Carl Freundenthal was guest speaker of the day.

Did you witness any fireworks? I didn’t even set up to watch them on T.V. I heard a few around here. I didn’t get up to see if I could see them.

Have a good week. See ya next time.

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