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People, another year has come and gone. I remember sitting here talking with you what seem to be yesterday but I really can’t fool myself! OLD TG IS ANOTHER YEAR OLDER. It’s Memorial Day again. The day we remember those who are serving our country and have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I have sit in my favorite chair the entire day just looking out at the people enjoying that freedom. They were boating, swimming, skiing and as always little children riding on those great big floats. My neighbors were fishing on the shore and all I could think of was how in the world the fish could even find their hook with that water flapping everywhere. But everyone did their thing and enjoyed the day.

I must say, the lake is a little different this year. Mother Nature, who use to be my friend, has poured “liquid gold drops” into the lake and I guess she wants me to enjoy it even more because she has brought it right up to my door. Not really to my door but to my steps. So you know what that means, everything that was at the bottom of the lake is now floating in what used to be my yard!

Once again I will remind everyone that comes in contact with those “cute little round cans” that people carry in their pocket”, please take them home with you when they are empty. They do not need to be dropped in the lake because I am tired of raking them up. The most shocking prize I found last week was a small bottle of “hair dye”. Really, who in the world dyes their hair while riding in a boat? Try and figure that one out. When I was telling my friend, she wanted to know what color was it! Really what does it matter.

I will report that the “gatherings” are beginning to “pop up” this season. Guess what? We were even invited to one. I just had a ball. Great food, good music and meeting new people. I just love people.

I must give you a “duck report”. I am really in the “dog house” with my friendly feathered friends. You see I did not go to Walmart this last weekend and the store that had the pleasure of my presence did not have “regular cheerios”. Of course the Hubby remarked that surely the ducks would not be “picky” about the kind. But guess what! Those spoiled ducks do not like HONEY NUT CHEERIOS! Can you imagine that, I did not buy REGULAR CHEERIOS, so they just turned up there nose and went back toward the lake and just left them on the ground. REALLY. The Hubby was kinda glad, he ate a big bowl for supper with milk and banana slices. So if you see those three ducks “begging” for food at your door, just tell them to get their “feathered tails” back over to my house where they belong. I guess you know where I am going tomorrow. Yep, to Walmart to get some regular cheerios. Just don’t want them starving to death. Of course the Hubby had to chime in and say, “I don’t think so”. They will eat when they get hungry.

Well, that’s just about all the excitement I have for you people today. I am just sitting here writing you after a long day of “people watching”. As always, I am doing what I tell you to do each week, enjoying the moment! So I will just say Bye now. Have a wonderful week.

Almost forgot, Mr. OJ didn’t put my column in the newspaper last Friday. A friend came up to me and told me he saw I caught fish last week. When I asked how he knew…he said he read it on line. Sorry guys, maybe I’ll make it this week.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

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