Poop, People and Possibilities

By Gene Vincent - Pastor, Beechland Baptist Church

In a small local city not far from my home there is a problem between the City and the local Amish. I do not know the complete details nor do I know many of the people involved. I do know that it is a problem with Poop. Yes, that is correct. The Amish, which use their horses and carts to travel to and through the small city, often leave the horse Poop on the streets of the small city.

The problem has caused there to be laws issued by the City and tickets given to the Amish that allow their horse Poop to fall on the City streets and not be taken care of properly. There have been request by the City that Poop collection devices be attached to the carts of the Amish to catch the Poop. Several of the Amish have refused for different reasons.

Again let me express that I do not know all of the details. But I did have a few thoughts of how this problem, which seems to be getting worse could be handled.

Everyone, on all sides, Amish, City and local Citizens could be like Christ. For example,

The Citizens and City Officials could provide several Poop Barrels in the areas that the Amish frequent and the Amish could accept the responsibility to take care of cleaning and disposing of the Poop properly each week.

The Citizens and City Officials could stop the Amish and assist the Amish in picking up the horse Poop when it occurs and placing it in a container that the Amish would carry in their carts with them. And then the Amish could properly dispose of the container with Poop.

The Amish could provide an allotted amount of free fresh vegetables once a month to each City Officials and the local Citizens, for their help in picking up the Poop.

The local Churches that want to send their youth on a Mission Trip could do a Poop Mission day each month and Pick up the Poop on the streets. And for every bag of Poop picked up by the youth – the Amish pay them a set fee agreed upon by the Citizens, City Officials and Amish.

The point is this – instead of enforcing laws and rebelling against the local system, why couldn’t the two groups work together – in different and creative ways – to be a blessing to each other. Why could the Citizens not help pick up Poop and why could the Amish not give free fresh vegetables to the local community occasionally.

Why couldn’t they both, and we alike – be more Christ-like! I think if you remember, in the Good Book, specifically John 13:1-20, Jesus washed the feet of the Disciples. We often like to think of this act done by our Lord and a nice jester, but I assure you that those guys sitting around with Jesus had stinky, dirty, ugly feet! And yet Jesus went the extra mile to serve.

I need to learn how to do that more myself, because I am so concerned with my stuff and my time and my, my, my, that I don’t always think about how I can stop and pick up someone else’s horse Poop.

Just thinking

By Gene Vincent

Pastor, Beechland Baptist Church

Gene Vincent is the Pastor of Beechland Baptist Church: 351 Beechland Road, Lewisburg, KY 42256

Gene Vincent is the Pastor of Beechland Baptist Church: 351 Beechland Road, Lewisburg, KY 42256

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