Lake Malone News

It’s the day after the 4th of July or what I call the “fire cracker event of the year”. I must say the lake was full of people doing all sorts of things! Big and little boats, wave runners, kayaks, people on ski’s and water boards. You name it we had it. Whiskey Bay was full of people. Someone advertised on Facebook that there were fireworks and everyone was invited… you know they all came! My neighbor counted 45 boats up and down the freeway. The freeway runs between Whiskey Bay and the dam and the space between Shady Cliff and Whisky Bay is called “Big Rock Run”. I am sure I confused the heck out of you but that is all right.

Something new has been added here at the lake. And it was right in the middle of all the boats during the fireworks; a big white one with SHERIFF written on the side. I was told that they were going to patrol the lake on the nights that we have fishing tournaments. It seems the traffic get a little fast and heavy at times. I must say the boats are beautiful but they can get carried away sometimes. So you guys that fish at night beware.

I must say everyone had their share of company. People were grilling everywhere and the boats were flying the American Flag on the back of their boats. What a great family time. What a great country we live in. HOME OF THE FREE AND BRAVE”. I am sure a lot of you can remember this saying.

We even had company! The Hubby was jumping for joy when his granddaughter came through that door. She let him know she was not a baby anymore. When the kids next door got their water toys out she came in and informed everyone that she was going to ride the TUBE! For those of you that don’t know what that is….it is a big round thing that you lay down in and “HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE”. Sometimes I wonder if they are not going to scramble their brains the way they “flip and flop” in the water. But what do I know, I am of the older generation.

Well, as they say, the party is over until next time. The next event will be Labor Day, as the old saying goes, when the 4th of July passes, then Christmas is not far behind.

As always it’s short and sweet, love your neighbor and remember to always “enjoy the moment!” Bye now.

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