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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

To all you people out there that are always having BAD DAYS, this column is for you. I just want you to know that you are not the Lone Ranger. It happens to everybody and if they say they don’t have bad days, then they need to hang around old TG for a day. I will show them what a BAD DAY is really like.

It all started when I did a little house cleaning. You remember I went away for a while during the cold weather. Well, I swapped tables with the Hubby and I forgot to put the cute little placemat on the top. I mentioned this in conversation because I was afraid he would mess up the wood top and right away he told me he did not need it. So in the washing machine it went.

Well, a few days later he said, “where is that place mat I had right here on MY table? Of course we had a few words over that and then I went and got it and gave it to him and he proceeded to tell me that was not the one. So I got mad and just threw it in the washing machine AGAIN. I proceeded to find him an entirely different one and put it on his table.

So a few days later I proceeded to do the laundry and went on about what I was doing. Of course I forgot all about the clothes in the washer until later that afternoon. Much to my surprise, the Hubby had the prettiest pink undershirts you have ever seen. I had one pink sock. My new pajamas had one pink sleeve and a smear of pink right down the middle of the back.

My new bathroom towels had pink spots all over them and my underwear looked like it was painted with a paint brush.

When I showed this to the Hubby, he just laughed. I told him it was his fault because we had words over the place mat. That did not go over very well either. So all I could think was I must get out the BLEACH and soak everything until I don’t see pink any more.

So off to the closet to search for the bleach and I stepped right in the middle of a GLUE TRAP! Yes, I am the one who put it there when we went on our trip. You see in the winter mice love to sneak in to keep warm. Ask me if the Hubby didn’t get a laugh out of that when I came out of the closet with that big trap on my foot. Again, I told him it was all his fault. Ask me how hard it is to get a glue trap off your tennis shoe with those cute little ridges on the bottom? I even got mad and left it there for a while and I just flapped and flapped all over the place.

There is always a happy ending to every story. I finally got the glue trap off my shoe with the help of the Hubby laughing his head off. His long underwear is white again, his undershirts are a beautiful shade of light pink and my pajamas are still awful. But as the Hubby says who sees your pajamas anyway!

I should have known it was going to be a bad day when I put the tooth paste on the wrong side of my tooth brush first thing that morning.

The only thing I can recommend is when you feel like a “bad day” is coming on, JUST JUMP BACK IN BED AND ENJOY THE MOMENT ALL DAY LONG! Bye now.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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