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Tulip Green

Finally old TG has her act together. All that STUFF she bought home has been put back in place. All the clothes that seem to have shrunk since I last put them on has been put in special bags for my friend. You noticed I said “BAGS.” The Hubby said he thought it was that “action” I had by lifting food from my plate to my mouth that did it. Really, I thought you were supposed to eat a few treats when you were on a “pleasure trip.” Well believe me I am now wearing those treats right around my waist.

To make matters worse, Wayne’s Place now has “soft serve” ice cream! So that means no more ice cream! The Hubby told them not to dare sell me any even if I beg. I will mention this just so you will know everything I know; they have chocolate and vanilla. And they can do a swirl if you like.

I can even say I did some spring cleaning as I was getting everything together. Everywhere I looked there was dust. There is nothing more exciting than to clean a bathroom. Man, did I get spoiled while I was on my pleasure trip. Once again the Hubby said, what is wrong with you woman. I told him he better be good to me or I would go on strike. I will let you know later if that threat does any good.

I must bring you up to date on my ducks. They have learned they can eat a large variety of foods. Not only do they eat popcorn but tonight they ate “Tatar Tots.” Now when they start eating hot dogs and french fries, I am afraid they might think they are people instead of ducks.

Hope you noticed that I did not have anything in my column today about football or basketball. Yep, finally it is over. I can’t believe I kept up with all those games and scores. It all came down to Villanova and North Carolina. The last thing I am going to mention about this sport is I won $5 from the Hubby because he picked the wrong team. If you didn’t believe in miracles, you should now if you watched that game. Villanova had a perfect miracle shot at the last sound of the buzzer. That’s all I got to say until the BIG BLUE FEVER SETTLES OVER THE LAKE this fall. Right now I am shouting SPRING WHERE ARE YOU? But I must admit that the Hubby is right! I say that every year.

I am sitting here in my little glass room watching it rain AGAIN and of course this is right after we JUST cleaned up the lake shore for the third time. All you people out there who are doing a RAIN DANCE….STOP IT AND I MEAN RIGHT NOW, because I cannot enjoy any moments at all when the “rain drops keep falling on my head!” Bye now.


Tulip Green

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