Naps; What a wonderful catch 22

Here and There - Evelyn Richardson

Naps are refreshing. Naps can become controlling. We need to talk about


Where have you been when you would have given just about anything for space to take a nap? In a somewhat boring lecture following a sleep-deprived night? Driving after lunch with the warm sun shining through the car windows and no place to stop?

What have you been doing when a nap uncontrollably took over and you fell asleep? Reading a book whose content was not at all to blame?

Watching the news on television to learn the latest on a world happening or to get the weather forecast to help you plan for the next day?

We’ve all been there: Wake up and realize that the book is open a couple of pages beyond where we remember what we read; strange programming is on the television screen and we have missed the very thing we stayed up to see.

We hear mention of power naps, taking a break in the stretch of intense activity for a brief nap that re-energizes. This works, unless our inner timer fails and we sleep longer than intended. Then we feel sluggish because we slept too long.

Naps are habit-forming. Take one in the middle of the afternoon today and we will feel the need for another one at the same time tomorrow. They are addictive. Each time we allow naps to win, they strengthen and become the stronger force and control our lives. When we need to be alert we are made useless by giving in to the urge to nap.

Naps can be a cop-out. A task or errand is preying on our mind and we toy with ourselves, suggesting that taking a nap first would make us better equipped for good results to happen. So, we nap and when we awaken, it’s too late or other priorities arise and what we needed to do is put off again.

Naps are a blessing when they quiet a crying baby or give peace to a suffering patient.

Naps are aggravating when they disrupt the flow and put us behind.

We feel less of a person when we give in to the urge for a nap.

And in conclusion, nothing in the whole wide world is more wonderful than to be able to sink into the gentle temptation of a nap when we are in a comfortable place such as our recliner and there is absolutely no reason that we should resist.

Here and There

Evelyn Richardson

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