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Not only has Friday come and gone, it is Saturday again at the Lake. During the week, the water is so calm, no noise at all except on Tuesday and Thursday nights when the fishing tournaments are going on. I am always amazed at the people who fish at night! It is nothing for me to hear a big motor go by my house at midnight. And I just can’t resist looking out the window to see what kind of boat it is. They are just beautiful with all kinds of colored nights on the outline of their boat and sometime they have music playing. Does that really make the fish want to be caught???

Anyway, we were sitting in our little glass room watching this young man trolling that morning and he had the cutest little girl with him. She had on her coat, because it was cool. That is unusual for this time of the year. Her long “pig tails” were flapping in the breeze and she had a look on her face that told you she was having a great time, FISHING WITH HER DAD! One other thing caught my eye; she knew how to handle a fishing pole. That was unusual because they weren’t sitting still as I said they were trolling. The Hubby couldn’t stand it he wondered what kind of bait they were using. So he suggested that I run out on the dock and flag them down and find out! So you can imagine what that fisherman thought when he saw this woman flagging him down.

But all went well, he just decided to pull his boat right up on the shore and proceeded to pull out his big Bass he caught while trolling. Of course this is after I had asked a million questions about his bait and what kind of fish he had caught. I thought that was unusual to catch Bass while trolling but really what do me know, the Hubby reminded me.

I told the little girl that she really was great handling that fishing pole that was bigger than she was; she let me know right away that she was captain of that boat and she was always in charge! Of course I told her that was a good thing.

Now is it Sunday and there they are again, trolling across the lake and it is really hot! And not only is the little girl in the boat but a little curly boy is there also. I had a great idea pop in my head; I waved them over to our dock and shared the Hubby’s “Rocket water ice popsicles”! This time I noticed their mother was along for the ride and I just happened to have two regular chocolate covered popsicles for them. They were all smiles and said it was getting kinda hot on the water. Before they left the little girl let me know she was STILL in charge of that boat! She is learning young, “always in charge”! That is what old TG thinks and I really try to “stay in charge” without the Hubby knowing it.

The fourth of July is right around the corner and everyone is getting excited about the fireworks that will be “booming” all over the lake. Hope you all have a place special to celebrate this great occasion. Keep safe and just remember how wonderful it is to live in a free Country. Bye now!

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