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Hello Logan Countians! I am so glad to be home from Houston, Texas and the famous M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital. My very rare type of leukemia (4 people in one million) is treatable and I am in full remission at the present time. I am working closely with both the hospital and the medical school so they can study a live person with this extremely rare blood disorder. I have now given a lot of blood and bone morrow.

I am now in the hands of Vanderbilt Hospital’s Sarah Cannon Cancer Center. I will return to Houston only when the leukemia count or blasts go back up several points. Thank you to those of you who have prayed for me, called, sent cards and/or e-mails. I so appreciate your kind thoughts.

Without a doubt there will be much said about the 4th of July that we are about to celebrate. As an old time history teacher I would like to give some little known facts about this special time. 1) Until the revolution of 1776 the big annual celebration, in the 13 colonies, was the birthday of King George III of England. 2) Congress voted to declare independence on July 2nd, 1776. 3) The written Declaration of Independence was not ready until July 4th when the delegates signed. (John Adams always thought July 2nd should have been declared Independence Day and not the 4th. 4) The Liberty Bell was not wrong until July 8th, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was read to the citizens of Philadelphia. 5) In 1870 the US Congress authorized the use of fireworks to celebrate the 4th. 6) It was not until 1941 that Congress authorized July 4th as a federal holiday. 7) Three presidents have died on July 4th. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died one hour apart on July 4th 1826. (This was exactly 50 years after the Declaration of Independence.) James Monroe died July 4, 1831. 9) New York City’s Macy’s 4th of July celebration and fire works display is the largest in America. Two million people will gather to watch in person and millions more will watch on TV.

If you have not heard yet, the largest 4th of July Celebration in Logan County in many years will be held Saturday July 4th at the Red River Fish & Game Habitat (club) in Adairville. This is located only two blocks east of the town square. The doors open at 5 p.m. The cost is only $5 per car load of people. There will be music, food at a low cost, door prizes, lots of fun and the largest fireworks display in all of Logan County. (Probably one of the largest in the history of the county.) The event is open to the public and all are welcome. Come and enjoy the great evening.

The Logan County Fair is almost here. The first event up will be the fantastic horse show on Saturday evening July 11. Last year there was a packed house for this beautiful spectacular. Make plans to attend and bring the entire family. Food and other refreshments will be available at a very nominal fee. (Check your computer under Logan County Kentucky Fair for exact time and admission.) Also check the same site for all the fair’s events, times and any fees. Admission to the fairgrounds is free. (Located at the County Extension Services on the by-pass just outside of Russellville. The County Fair Board has worked hard to bring an even better fair to you this year. The grounds open at 4 p.m. each afternoon and remember there is no admission to come on the grounds and to see many events.

A BIG PAT ON THE BACK to Clay Bilyeu and his lovely wife. Clay and his band play many charity events throughout the county all year long. He also helps put on a big fund raiser annually on the Russellville town square for yet another charity. He also helps put on karaoke events in towns like Adairville and at the county fair. Clay is truly a great public spirited citizen who cares about this county and it’s citizens. Three cheers for Clay Bilyeu!

FUTURE LEADERS I strongly believe in recognizing young people who will be our future leaders. One such young man is Britton Williams. He is 17 years old and is a senior in high school. His mom and dad are Paula and Ted Williams. His hobby is shooting guns and his school’s JROTC Program. He hopes to receive an ROTC Scholarship and to attend Western Kentucky University. His long term goal is to serve in the US Army and to serve as an officer.

TIME TO GO. Good night Wilna Clinard, the Mayors of Auburn and Lewisburg, Charlie Starks, Mrs. Bill Steen, Becky Tinch and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

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