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Hello, it is Spa time once again. I’ve had a most enjoyable weekend. Cousin Sherry Harris came down Friday afternoon from Louisville. She brought our supper and spent the night. On Saturday Louise Henderson came down as her son M.T. brought her and lots of eats. Later coming in was her sister Sue Fuller with more food, and I had some food. So we had a good time eating, as well as visiting. Sherry had to go back to Louisville, as she is responsible for the job as church pianist. We enjoy her and hope she can come back soon.

In talking to former pastor Bro. Kenny Cummins in Princeton, I asked about Tammy and her shingles. She is lots better. Those things are terrible.

This week those from Christian Home Care, being in at different times were Tasha, Linda, Jerry and Joe. They have certainly been a help. I feel a wee bit stronger. Not enough to run around the house as of now.

Last Sunday afternoon visiting a very short time with me were the Jicka’s. Bro. David and Brenda and Judy Jernigan came Thursday and took me to see Dr. Wells. He is at Logan Eye Center.

Visiting awhile last Sunday at their parents Sue and James Fuller were 2 sons Tony locally and Kevin of Tennessee. They enjoyed lunch with their parents.

Visiting here Wednesday was WKU retired professor of Bowling Green and his lawyer friend Chet, also of Bowling Green. We had a good day out riding around. It was good to get out awhile.

I got to go to church this past Sunday. First time since the hospital visit. I made it fine, except I was tired when I got home. I still tire out very easily. Hoping for more strength soon.

It was a pretty day outside. A wee bit cool, but a beautiful day.

Remember our pulpit committee. Seems preachers are not so easily found these days. Times have changed so much, and it seems some of their thinking does not agree with others these days and times. They have a difficult job ahead of them, so I say please remember them each day as you pray, and many thanks as you do. They will appreciate it very much.

Remember the sick too, those at home and those in the hospitals.

I understand Jewell Wayne Johnson has had a pacemaker installed. I’m assuming he is now in rehab. Is that right? Anyway, hope he is doing much better and back home.

Have a good week. Smile and make someone’s day!

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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