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By Louise Henderson - Antioch News

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

Wasn’t that snow beautiful coming down Sunday morning? But I hope we don’t get more.

We had a good crowd to brave the cold weather Saturday night to come to the Valentine Dinner. We had a delicious meal which was enjoyed by all.

Chris Kenner, who is our youth minister at Antioch, for a couple of young people from Todd County to come and sing for us. We enjoyed them very much. Thanks to Tammy and Avanell for the decorations. They did a good job. We had a good time of fellowship.

Our seniors will not be going out to eat this Friday due to the weather.

Christine White is in the Medical Center in Bowling Green. Remember her and all the sick in your prayers.

Had a call from my cousin, Omanell in Florida. Her granddaughter’s husband had passed away. He was a young man of 44 years old. We send heartfelt sympathy to the family.

The Good Dr. Larry Gotts was on Feedback this morning with Don. They always have a good program. It is very interesting to hear the questions called in and to hear the answers given by Dr. Gotts. And remember, the information is free. If you are not a regular listener, why not tune in on the third Tuesday each month on WRUS radio station at 9:05 in the morning.

I talked by phone last night to Jeanie Gregory to tell her about her cousin Christine. Jeanie is a good friend to me.

Our leader, Sharon of the Tops club in Russellville, had the misfortune to break her wrist. She said it was doing real good.

Talked to Melba this morning and her mama (Juanita) is a little bit better. Said she was eating a little better since she is back home at Melba’s. Melba is a good cook, and she also makes a good caregiver as she is taking care of her mama.

I had a tooth to break off and my dentist Dr. Will Ham had a hard time getting the roots out. But he was real easy and took good care of me.

My blood sugar is high and I’m having a hard time trying to stay on a strict diet. If you have this problem, I would enjoy a call from you to tell me how you handle the problem.

Talked to Myrtle Pogue on Saturday night. She is still so weak she can’t do anything. Joyce McIntosh fixed her and Don and Rosie Yarnell a carryout box of food Saturday night at our Valentine Dinner. Myrtle said the Methodist Church in Lewisburg brought her a lot of food the same day. And someone else brought her a plate, but sorry I forgot who.

If you would like to do a good deed, you could take her a meal as she isn’t able to cook. And Myrtle didn’t know I was writing this.

Prayer: Don’t bother to give God instructions, just report for duty.

Have a good week and is you are out, be careful.

By Louise Henderson

Antioch News

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

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