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FATHER’S DAY! Here I am again “people watching” as I reflect what this day is all about. To those on the lake, it is a day of jumping in the lake, riding on the pontoon, flying through the air when their float goes airborne! Yes, it’s Father’s Day! Wayne’s place was full of happy little people picking up bait so they could go fishing. They started as early as Friday afternoon. All the Dads had a smile on their face and you could tell they were looking forward to this special week end.

It made me think how different this generation is; just how things have changed since I was a small child looking up at my father. The person who was very special in my life; I knew he would always be there when I needed him. Well, he is not here now but all the things he taught me; I am using. All the love he gave me, I am now sharing with my family. All the memories of things we did together are still with me and will be forever.

I can remember one special day I was with my mother-in-law and she was telling me how things and times had changed. She said she could remember the first car that came down their gravel road and she had lived to see a man walk on the moon. It made me think, what have I to remember that is special.

My little family was transferred many times around the country. This was before people really moved around a lot. So I was excited with all the new places that I would see, people I would meet and the friends that I would have even today. Sometimes I just pick up the phone and talk about old times.

All you people out there take a moment and reflect on your life. All you fathers need to remember all the great things you have done with your children. I guarantee they will be remembered all their lives. So I recommend that each of you “enjoy the moment” with your son or daughter starting today. They don’t have to be little people; they can be that son or daughter that is graduating from high school or college.

Till next time this is old TG remembering the good times. Hope you do the same. Bye now!

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