Spa News

Cousin Sherry Harris of Louisville arrived in Spa Tuesday morning. Later coming in were Louise Henderson of Antioch and also cousin Charlie Delk of Everett. Later was Sue Fuller. She and Louise brought food and I cooked it, so we all ate together and had a good visit. Sherry wanted to eat at KFC for the night meal, so we did. I fixed breakfast here Wednesday morning. We met Sue and James Fuller at Roy’s and ate lunch. Later in the afternoon she left for home back in Louisville. Made it fine.

Just heard this week that Kay Kisselbaugh is in Creekwood and also her sister-in-law Nancy Kisselbaugh is also there. I understand she fell a month ago and is recuperating there. Hope both soon feel better.

Saw in Fridays paper where Dick Dickerson had a flight out from Nashville Sunday for Texas where he is going for treatments for his problem with leukemia, which we hope does what the Dr.’s want the treatments to accomplish. Hope he comes back with great hopes for a better future. Take care and we love you. Hurry back home.

Stanley and Tara got out today and went to Bowling Green to celebrate Father’s Day.

And for all the fathers, we hope you have a special day. You are loved and appreciated.

Being Father’s Day, if I get these wrong don’t be surprised, however, I think I;m okay. The oldest father is Rufus Coursey. The youngest father is J.D. Atkinson and the dad with the most kids with him in church was Jewell Wayne Johnson with Timmie, Brent, Vicki and Cheryl. A good sized crowd for church with several visitors. Glad to see Bro.Glenn Copeland, former pastor with wife Sue of the Mayfield area, was guest speaker.

The kids showed several things they learned in Bible school, such as several songs with lively actions involved.

Remember July 26th is the h.c. with former pastor Bro. Reed of Nashville as speaker of the day at 11 a.m. and singing in the Sunday school hour at 10 a.m. is special guest singers the Sneed family of the Glasgow area. Come, you will enjoy them, they are great singers.

There are a lot of Bible schools meeting this week, so get your child involved, they will enjoy it very much.

Will see ya later, have a great week. Smile, someone will smile back at ya!

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