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By Louise Henderson - Antioch News

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

Don’t guess I can write very much this week because I got us Sunday morning and I couldn’t hardly move my right arm and shoulder.

I wish each one of you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Years.

We were down in number at church Sunday. Seems like we have several out sick. Cheryl Flewallen is home from the Hospital. Morris Lee Harris had the misfortune to fall and messed up his knee.

Terry Coursey was to have surgery on Tuesday. Hope she has a quick recovery.

Talked to Myrtle and she was hurting real bad with her leg and hip.

Talked to Rosie Yarnell Saturday night and she wasn’t doing too good either.

Christine White is in Creekwood Room 314.

We have a long list on our Prayer Calendar. Remember all the sick and those who have lost loved ones in your Prayers.

I don’t understand why my news wasn’t in Friday’s paper and Hazel’s was. We both mailed it on Monday. We live on the same route and have the same mail carrier. I would love to have this mystery solved.

Chris Epley sang “O Holy Night” for us at Church on Sunday morning. It was really pretty.

Charlie Delk read one of his poems that he wrote. It was titled “Christmas.” It was pretty too.

The choir at Antioch will be doing the Christmas musical Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. The name is “Once You’ve Seen the Star.” Then Bro. Clardy will bring the message.

Sunday night we will have the business meeting at 6 p.m. followed afterwards by finger foods.

Our WOM Ladies will meet Sunday at 4:30 p.m. The Brotherhood will meet at 5 p.m.

They are taking Team Kids Christmas shopping Saturday morning and leaving at 9 a.m.

My arm has had it, so I will say “bye” for this week.

Compassion is difficult to give away, because it keeps coming back.

Have a good week.

By Louise Henderson

Antioch News

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

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