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Here it is again, the HEAT! Remember I told you not too long ago that we would be complaining about the rain and the heat. It seemed like we had winter forever and Mother Nature just turned a switch and said “you wanted spring, well, I will give you summer instead” I am sure she thinks she can’t please us and I guess she just quit trying.

The other day I just happened to be in the “right place at the right time” and I heard a great conversation between two men here on the lake. I decided that they knew all there was to know about fishing. So I was all ears.

One began by telling his friend that he caught his Blue Gill with “DEAD HEADS”! Of course, the first thing I thought was, “you did WHAT”! Of course, the Hubby had to explain to me what a DEAD HEAD was; I had seen them in his tackle box before but had not used one. You know I am a “cricket kind” of fisherwoman. Anyway, he said he caught all his fish with a “dead head” that had black and turquoise feathers on it! You are right; I thought WHAT! For once I kept quiet which is unusual. So a few days later we were looking for fishing stuff and the Hubby said, “Here they are” Dead Heads with feathers! So he bought some and I thought to myself, that little thing looks different. It was a little “drop of metal” with an eye in the middle of his head and it had black and white feathers tied to it. So of course the Hubby had to buy some. Now I know why they are called “DEAD HEADS”; THEY ARE DEAD.

Anyway when we went fishing, the Hubby pulled out this cute little thing and proceeded to fish with it. When I gave him the “evil eye”, he said, “don’t have a fit, I got one for you. Of course he proceeded to get his hung in a tree limb and I was just fishing away and of course he was all sad. I told him, “Surely you bought more than two?” He replied that he had not because he really didn’t think they would work. But you people they do work. He had caught quite a few before he decided to throw it up in the tree. I told him, “Fish don’t live in trees”. Guess what, that did not go over to well. That is the time I decided that boats are not big enough, especially when your Hubby is mad! So good old TG gave him her “little cute” feather thing and proceeded to fish like a normal person with a worm. You see Wayne’s Place was out of crickets AGAIN.

On my weekly trip to Wal-Mart, I thought I would just look through the fishing department. You know I had not done that lately and guess what; I checked out Dead Heads. I will just make a “long story” short, I found a little black one that had a full black body and had these little “rubber looking” things sticking though his back. They were not turquoise but bright red. So I just bought a whole package of them.

I showed them to the Hubby when I got home and he laughed. After taking them out of the package, the “little red things” look like wings. The newspaper won’t print what he had to say about my purchase. So to make matters worse, he said, “I have seen these at Wayne’s place”, where have you been woman? So I thought to myself, you hold your breath until I buy anything else for you to fish with!

Of course he had to get his pole and go out on the dock and try this little “cutie” and he caught a “big fish” on the first try! His next words were, “where did you get these things”?

Ladies, I am telling you the next time you go to Wal-Mart; check out the fishing section. I even had a great conversation with a fisherman and I told him women need to design tackle boxes! He directed me to the “tool section” and I purchased a cute little red “tool box” for the Hubby for Fathers Day!

So when you see a man carrying a RED tackle box, you’ll know it’s the Hubby.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Enjoy the moment because it’s your special day. Bye now!

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