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My, my, haven’t the days and months just flown by? It goes so fast I can hardly keep up with it.

With the weather this past week, I’m sure those with tobacco patches have been getting it set out. The new way of course, compared to the way we set tobacco, is sure different. We had to use the peg method, and let me tell you, that ain’t fun. You seem to think your back will never let you stand up straight forever so long. Believe me, I’ve lived in the “good ole days” and don’t want them anymore.

Last Sunday afternoon visiting with me awhile were Mitchell Johnson and Jenny of Lewisburg. I enjoyed their visit.

One day a knock at the door and there stands Warren Mitchell and sister Mallory Whitson. They brought with them some chicken eggs from Nana Bev. Then on Friday Beverly was here with cucumbers, squash and tomatoes. I sure appreciate the goodies.

James Fuller went to his Dr. in Bowling Green Wednesday and got his report from the test. Praise the Lord, it was a good report.

If there is anything going on in our area it is sure quiet as far as I know.

I hear tobacco is being set, gardens seem to be doing good. So maybe before long we will be having some home grown ripe tomatoes. I can eat those year around. Now I prefer the Romas, to me they are much better than the others. Tomatoes are my favorite fruit.

So as far as I know we don’t have any of our church family in the hospital.

I talked to Joanne Henderson, she is still at home and seemingly improving. She is still taking home therapy and checks in with her Dr. again on July 1st.

I suspect those with hay down would wish it would wait on the rain till the hay is baled and up.

Until next time, have a good week. See ya!

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