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Here we are meeting like this again! It is so funny that sometimes I have the difficult task of putting something on paper. But sometimes I have the craziest things just fly into my head.

For those of you that have a computer and have been seeing a small advertisement that you can download Microsoft 10 to your computer for free; I want you to know that we did just that. You won’t believe how long it took. The Hubby worked on that project all day Sunday. All I could think of was why we have started this. You see we were scheduled to go to a surprise party for some friends! We barely got it completed when it was time to go.

I will tell you that we did surprise the heck out of our friends. He is the type that you never can pull a trick on but we certainly did it this time. So the next morning Wayne’s place was packed with all the relatives and friends eating a great breakfast.

I have such an exciting life that I must tell you about my “garbage can” story. This past week we had a freak rain storm that pasted over the lake. So of course I got caught in it while I was putting my trash at the street. My question to you is, “have you ever tried to pull your trash can up a hill holding an umbrella”? Well believe me it is almost impossible. And just as soon as I got it up there, that wind started blowing harder and the top of my trash can blew off backwards and the recycle can blew completely over. I did not know which place to run. Thank goodness the recycle run was last week. You see I do not put that stuff in a bag because they have requested it that way. But like a wild woman I ran to the top of the hill because I did not want any of those bags to burst if it fell over. Finally I found a big rock to put on it. Just as I was coming down the hill two great big limbs dropped right on top of our car. I told the Hubby I had to get in the house because the “SKY WAS FALLING”!

That afternoon we also had fishermen in front of our house that I had not seen in a long time. The wind was so cold and blowing so hard; I was beginning to think those guys had lost their minds. Their boat roared over to our side of the lake and then all three men tried to jump up and get their poles at the same time. One had this “fire engine red” coverall on and I truly thought I was gonna have to get out my rescue pole and pull them in. I thought to myself, wonder if their wife’s knows they are out here when they could be sitting by the fire at home. Once again, I must give them my favorite name, “A REAL FISHERMAN”!

Then the next morning I was out looking at the otters that have taken residence by our dock and I looked up to see those same three men coming back around the bend in the lake and we looked at each other like we were both fools standing out in the cold weather like that. You see I was in my housecoat and one of them was in that same red coverall. All I could think was, you didn’t freeze yourself yesterday and here you are again.

I have to mention that the Daughter is having Thanksgiving Dinner at her house and of course we will be there with bells on. I even offered to cook some food and bring it but she said “she could handle it”. The Hubby is kinda concerned whether she can or not. He said he had eaten a few meals there before. But I look at it this way, this is one time I can sit back and enjoy the holiday. It is nice to get to my age. As my Grandmother use to say, “Age does have it privileges”!

Hope you had a great THANKSGIVING DAY! I am truly thankful that you let me come into your home every week. I enjoy what I do and hope you enjoyed every moment of every day. Love you all. Bye now.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

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