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By Donna Blake - Adairville News

The Chamber annual Christmas dinner tickets are on sale for $20 per person. Go by City Hall to buy them. It will be held at Costello’s Café. This year we are having a Kentucky Chautauqua Speaker, Robert Brock, who portrays Mark Twain. This program is sponsored by the Kentucky Humanities Council and other sponsors so they are able to offer this at a low fee to us. This should be a fun night as well as an opportunity to learn about a part of Kentucky’s history. This is open to anyone that would like to come. Call 270-539-6731 or 270-772-2175 for tickets.

Patty asked me to let everyone know that Nick Reed from Springfield, TN will be playing guitar and singing this Friday evening at Costello’s Café. Go by and get a great meal while enjoying listening to some great music as well.

Adairville has a great opportunity coming if everything goes well. Joseph Violette and family along with some other local families may be opening a Kentucky Proud market 2-3 days a week. There will be fresh vegetables, fruits, beef, pork, poultry, milk, honey and other products from local farmers. It is my understanding the meats will be fresh frozen so the shelf life will be longer. What a great thing for our town. He met with a representative from Frankfort that has helped other small rural towns with this type of project. One thing she wanted was to know how many people he could expect to buy from his store weekly. I have done a poll on Facebook but for those not on Facebook, you can call me at 270-772-2175 or email me at [email protected] This is an amazing hope for us and after all these months of no place in town to buy meat and produce; my phone should ring off the hook. Everything I read today tells me buying local food is the best way for us to become healthy again. The food we buy now is killing us. The preservatives used to keep the food fresh can’t be healthy for us. One article I read said to know your farmer, well this is just that. We will know where our food is coming from and know it hasn’t had preservatives added to keep it fresh while it travels across country. So, call me or email me if you will commit to buying from this market. Also, regarding this store you can help by answering a couple of questions.

1. What would you like to see in this store? I have named a few things. What other things would you like to see?

2. Are there farmers out there that would like to add some of their commodities to the store? Get in touch with me same as above and I will pass this on to Joseph.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. Time sure does go fast the older I get. I see the Black Friday ads beginning to come out, and some that actually begins on Thanksgiving. Why take away families Thanksgiving to make more money? Greed and the chance to get a great deal win every time.

Coffee Bottom Girl

Veterans Day was always talked about at my house as a young girl. Daddy never talked about his time in the Navy a lot but he did demand respect for the country, the flag, the National Anthem and the military. We were to stand when the National Anthem played, salute the flag, give allegiance to our country and show our respect to the military. It taught us the pride and love we have today for this United States of America and to be thankful for the privilege of being born in this country. I know that he served in the Philippines but don’t know anything about their missions or the horror they may have witnessed. I do know there were sacrifices made by the men and women who served and to their families as they waited back home to know they were safe. On this Veterans Day, please accept this Coffee Bottom Girl’s deepest thanks to all our military and their families. It is the kind of sacrifice and love for your country that makes this country the greatest one on earth. God Bless the USA.

A Hui Hou Kā’Kou

“May the road rise up to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sun shine warm upon your face And the rain fall soft upon your fields And until we meet again May God hold you in the palm of his hand”

By Donna Blake

Adairville News

To contact Donna Blake about the Adairville News, call 270-772-2175.

To contact Donna Blake about the Adairville News, call 270-772-2175.

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