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Hello, how was your week? Busy with outside work, getting ready for winter? As fast as time flies, it won’t be long. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Yep, time flies.

Tuesday afternoon Martha Williams came over and trimmed my hair. She brought some delicious potato soup and peaches. They were so good. Then Bev Whitson came by with some good ole’ vegetable soup and a piece of cake. I have really enjoyed all the goodies, so I really do appreciate them. Haven’t had to do any cooking the past several days, which I really enjoyed.

Our sympathy to Rose and the rest of the family in the death of her husband Bro. Mickey McPherson. He has had a rough year. He has been so sick for such a long time. He got to preach for us a couple of Sundays after we were first out of a pastor. He and Stanley were in Little League together playing ball. They were on the same team, so I really enjoyed hearing him preach and hearing from the family.

I have a copy in hand, sent to me by a friend in Louisville, about a lady that write an article in the paper there about her hubby. Not only does she have her name, but has her picture in the article. It seems that hubby thinks they my have a possibility to trade vehicles. So off they go. The dealer is so enthusiastic, the car can almost drive itself. They get in the car, where are the keys? Oh, it is one of those you push a button… right. So the hubby gets the car started…oooops, it won’t go. What do I do? This voice sweetly answers, tell me what you want to do? Go, go, go he yells. The voice says, where? Just go, go! Which direction sir? The wife says forward. The kind voice says, north-east, west or south? The hubby yells west! Whirlwind the car does, she falls out of her seat into the floor, falls on a bunch of buttons, the sunroof snaps open and guess where hubby is? On the rooftop, in his chair. Steer, press the brakes, do something hubby yells and immediately they were back at the dealership. They decided no more trying out new cars. If it was not broken, then don’t try to fix it. With a few comments left out, they still have the old vehicle. Well hubby tried.

Sorry Ronnie Hart, son of Mrs. Virginia Hart, is in the hospital in Owensboro at this time. Hope he is soon feeling better and his problems are solved and he is back home.

Don’t forget the ole clock routine Saturday night before November 1st.

Saturday was my 88th birthday. I got several cards and calls, and Stanley and Elaine took me Christmas shopping and out for lunch for my special day. I really enjoyed it. Plus the gifts I got and now I am pooped out. They took the wheel chair and that was a great help. Also while out, I got my pneumonia and flu shot. So glad that is done for another year.

Until next time, have a good week. See ya!

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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