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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello again from historic Peach Blossom Hall in the heart of Russellville, Kentucky. Thank you for the kind requests about my health. Tuesdays report from the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center reports that my rare type leukemia remains in an excellent remission. I hope that this will continue for a long time and that I can continue to do good and productive things for several more years.

The new chairperson of the important Logan County Tourism Commission is the popular and very bright Janie Gregory. She brings with her many new ideas, a strong work ethic and a willingness to get the job done. Congrats to this fine lady!

I had lunch again a few days ago at the “Pool Hall & Restaurant” in Auburn. One pool table and a bunch of eating tables. Guess that gives you an idea of which is most popular. No wonder with the food being so good and the personality and friendliness of the owners and staff. The price is right as well. The owners remind me of the late band leader Xavier Cogot and his wife Charo the “couche couche girl!”

I met the very popular Auburn Mayor and got to eat lunch with him. Seems like his electric cart disappeared some time ago and has not been found. If you found the mayor’s cart please call city hall.

While at the restaurant I did overhear some discussions about the annual Christmas event/party for the kids of Auburn. More than 800 showed up last year and as many are expected again this year. (I did not think the total population of Auburn was much larger than that so those good Amish folks of the area must be rolling out the children.) Will cover more on this in the next few weeks.

I also got to drive by the new dog food company being built in Auburn. It is far larger than I had expected to see. It is a huge factory or mill. That place can make enough dog food to feed most of the dogs in the southeastern USA and beyond! I hope the pay role is as good as I think it will be. Thank you Logan County Economic Development Office for your work in getting that factory to come to our fair county. You earned your keep on this one!

Really glad to see that the Webb sisters are back in business in Lewisburg. I have enjoyed eating at their restaurant many times. I hope they will continue with the great tradition of live music they established several years ago. Blue Grass and Country music have been wonderful there. Their local singers have been about the best in the county.

Have invited all the correspondents that write for this paper to return to Peach Blossom Hall again this year for our annual Christmas lunch and party. We had a great party last year and I expect an even better one this year. I am trying for a little live music this year and just maybe we will all finally get to meet the mysterious Tulip Green from Lake Malone. (Other than the editor, none of us know who she is.)

Congratulations to the Logan County Fair Board that is working hard to have a bigger and better county fair in 2016. I know they are looking for a good carnival ride company to come for the fair next summer. They also need corporate sponsors, donations for trophies and prizes, vendors, booth renters who want to exhibit their products, crafts and the like. Contact the chairman Lonnie Eply at the county agriculture extension service on the by-pass.

If you get a chance, drive by Peach Blossom Hall on E. Cornelius in Russellville. (Across the train tracts from Southern States and the feed mill.) I have some 85 mums out and in bloom and about 50 rose bushes blooming.) As my old grand dad, Vollie Dickerson use to say, “It’s a glorious site!” Drive by and take a look. I am also going to try to decorate well for Christmas. At least six to eight trees. So drive by at Christmas as well.

I have an announcement to make. Since the health is holding up well at present, I am going to take my doctor’s advice and do what I want to do. What I want to do is build the little hotel of my dreams. The plans are drawn, the site secured, the builder obtained and much of the early work done. The next step will be to pay a visit to the Adairville City Government and the proper Logan County Officials. The site planned is the city square in Adairville and the actual site of a previous hotel and one time stage coach stop.

Plans are to call it the Stage Coach Inn, have a double front porch and build it in a style from the 1880s. The rooms would be furnished in a style built around famous people who lived in or near Adairville or did something there. One room would be the Frank & Jessie James Room. Another would be in honor of the famous Jackson-Dickenson Duel. Another would be the famous artists room honoring at least four artist who have lived and painted in Adairville. There will be a theme for each of the additional guest rooms.

I am also looking for an authentic stage coach to park out front but from the prices I am being quoted it may be a while before one is added. In the mean time a smaller one will be on display. I would also like to offer rides to visitors and guests.

My larger than life cigar store Indian would go on the front porch along with swings and rocking chairs. Some of my wonderful Egyptian collection would go on display inside part of the hotel. I have almost everything to furnish the hotel already on hand. I also already have over 200 framed paintings and prints to add to the décor. Eventually God willing I will add a helpful thing for Adairville and Logan County.

Many thanks for the protection that our law enforcement officers offer in each of our towns and the county at large. We need them and appreciate the good things they do. My belief is that they are humans like us all, most are very good people and with more training they will be even better.

I attended Mt Herman Missionary Baptist Church last Sunday. The singing was wonderful and the preaching of Rev. Fishback inspired. It was a great day. I hope to attend many times in the future and encourage others to attend.

Time to go. Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email dickdickerson100@aol.com.

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email dickdickerson100@aol.com.

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