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One afternoon recently, the Prices (Shirley and Shirley) of Owensboro, stopped and picked me up. We went to Russell Johnson’s to see his new house. I don’t know what company did this, however, it is a house they dig the foundation for and bring in the parts and set it up. It is very pretty, fixed very comfortable and he will be able to move in as soon as Pennyrile is able to get the electricity going. He has a kitchen and living combination together, a bedroom and a bathroom. It will be all electric. All these years Russell has cut wood for the winter. He has has a rough time lately and is unable to cut wood. This is gonna be so much better for him. It was a good trip.

Bro. Steve Pendley and wife were at Elk Lick Sunday. He was the guest speaker of the day. They are from Springfield.

Well vacations and fall break are over, so the teachers, as well as the kids are back in school this week. Be very careful and watch out for the buses and kids.

I’ve been shelling some dried peas and they are really hard to shell, but make for some very good eating. I’m proud of them. My fingers are getting sore.

Do you know anything going on? I sure don’t. I know I’ll soon have another birthday.

I’ve heard so many people saying their gardens just did not do at all well this time. Seems they didn’t get rain at the time it was so badly needed. Maybe next year will do better. It’s the first time in several years I didn’t get to can any tomatoes or juice.

Did you take in any of the festival activities? Since I do such a poor job of getting around anymore, I don’t go. I hear that there was a big crowd in attendance.

Have a good week and see you next time, okay?

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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