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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

Here I sit in the “pouring down rain” in my cozy little room just rambling on to you people out there in “NEVER NEVER LAND”. I hate to say the Tobacco Festival came and went and I did not get to attend the parade. But even worse, I really wanted to get up early and see the “bank robbery”. And I don’t know how in the world they did it without me. It rained the day I wanted to go on the “Business Tour” down town, so when I saw them out on the side walk and it was sprinkling, I just drove on by. For some odd reason I can’t handle “rain drops falling on my head”!

You are probably wondering why I did not go. Well, I had a “blind” issue. You know the kind that you hang on the windows so people can’t see in your house. You see one day, when I wanted to pull up one of my blinds, the cord broke. Can you imagine what that looked like? And as always things like this happens when you are expecting company. The Hubby’s son and daughter in law are coming. So off to the blind shop I went with that things flopping everywhere. They had to send it back to the blind company because you know nothing can be fixed here locally; FedEx and UPS would have to close up shop if they did.

The wonderful blind company in Russellville just took charge of my problem and sent it back for me. Then when the company sent it back UPS dropped it and it was bent so back to the blind factory it went. The blind company offered to send me a new one but they had changed the basic color of the blind and it was a little lighter. We let them know that we wanted the old one fixed. The company not only fixed the old one but they sent me a new one just in case the old one did not work. But as I said before it was a LIGHTER COLOR!

All this time, I was eating and living in a “fish bowl”; I could even wave to the fishermen while I was eating my breakfast. We are taking about one month of my precious time. So when I came home with it, the Hubby said we are putting that blind up tomorrow! I nearly had the big one; I shouted that’s the TOBACCO FESTIVAL PARADE DAY! Of course he replied, we are getting this project done and if we get it finished before the parade starts, then you are free to go. You already know what happened after that!

You also know the end of that story, the parade started without me but thank goodness the blind is up and I can even hide behind it when I am checking on all the people out on the lake.

I must tell you one short fish tale that I witnessed as we were getting the blind up. Two men were in a boat in front of our house and all of a sudden one of them pulled up his line and there was the biggest fish I have seen pulled out of the water at that location. I watched while those two guys danced a jig in that boat and almost fell in the lake. They were down on their knees like they were looking for something. Then they both jumped up with a pair of scales and the fish and they proceeded to weigh it. I could not stand just watching so out the door I went and asked “how much did it weigh”? The Hubby had to get in on the action when he remarked, “You would have thought they had never caught a fish before”. I asked if they were going to eat it for supper and they shook their heads and put it back in the water. Of course we had to talk “FISH” for a few minutes and they went on their way. When I went back in the house the Hubby just had to say, “I do believe you will talk to anybody!” Yep, you got it, that when the fight started.

So the very next morning I was sitting at Wayne’s Place minding my own business and this man at the table next to me quietly said, “I CAUGHT A FISH IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE YESTERDAY”! I nearly flipped. What a small world it is; He told me he and his Buddy were camping over at the camp ground and they would be there until the end of the month. Of course, the next afternoon they were right outside my house trying to catch that fish again. I am glad they didn’t because I was afraid I would have to go out and rescue them if they did because they just don’t have any control over their excitement when they catch a fish. The Hubby had to remind me that I got that excited myself when I caught a big fish.

Well, I hate it I didn’t see the parade but there is always next year. Had even decided that I was going by to see Dick Dickerson’s lovely new home; maybe during the Holidays.

Hope you all had loads of fun. I told the Hubby I would be there next year. Till then be sure to enjoy every moment. Because I certainly am. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

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