Wow, get out your long underwear, I think we are going to be needing something really warm if this is a preview of what’s to come. This is Saturday, Oct. 3 and I gave up and turned on the heat. Boy does it feel good.

If I remember correctly the first katydid began doing his thing on Judy 1st. If his chirping is right we should see at least a little frost soon. I’m going to say I’m afraid we will have a bad winter this year, so don’t look for me till next spring.

And by the way the trees are showing their beautiful colors. Sometimes I think fall is the prettiest season, but when spring begins it reminds me of new life and to me the resurrection of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He died and rose again.

Last Saturday, the 26th of September, the Scarbrough family had their fall time together at the Russellville park. There were 25 there. Hope I don’t miss anyone. If I goof, sorry. Those there were Glenn and Helen Porter, Dianne Porter, Cole Porter of Lewisburg, Edwin and Doris Scarbrough from Dixon, Tennessee, also from Dixon were Tracy Woods and daughter Kacy, Wilford and Jerri Scarbrough, Rhonda and Eric Armistead, Hunter, Morgan and friend, Philip Armistead and son, Cheryl and Steve Roberts, Daylon, Darren, Christy and Nicholas and Chris Yates and daughter Natalie, all of Russellville. They had lots and lots of food and a good time of fellowship together.

Visiting awhile one afternoon this week with Virginia Hart were Vivian Johnson of Bowling Green. They had a good visit.

Remember Elk Lick in your prayers. We are still one of the nine churches in the association without pastors. So many are in need at this time.

An issue Dick brought up in his column Friday as to who is the oldest corespondent for the paper. I assume that I am. I will be 88 on October 24th and I began the articles in 1942. I don’t feel Tulip Green is as old as I am. Hey Tulip… why not tell us your real name? Join us in some of our activities. We have a good time together, and as you know Christmas is nearing and we always have such a good time at our Christmas party. Try joining us, you might like us.

Well cousin Louise is a whole year younger than I am. Her special day is in August. Dick has a long way to go before he catches up with Louise and I.

Just around the corner, so to speak, will be time to do the old clock routine. The time is November 1stm which is of course on the first Sunday of the month.

Bro. Buddy Crabtree filled the pulpit at Elk Lick this morning and did a good job. Our attendance was not very good, so okay, come back to church. We need you!

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