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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

You know I have noticed that everyone who writes for the newspaper is always telling you what is going on in their neighborhood. It just occurred to me that I have not been doing this because during this time of the year nothing is going on! Of course the exception is “football scores;” talking about the Big Blue round ball games coming up, or the fact that Wayne’s Place did not close. When we heard that they were going to close during the first week in October, everybody went into a deep depression. Where on earth were we going to meet and have a great discussion about the crops, how many fish that were caught, or the new car you were going to purchase? I even volunteered to keep it open on my own. That gave everyone a great laugh, especially the hubby. He said you can’t even cook at home much less at Wayne’s. Once again I asked him to tell me how he really felt about my cooking. Just wait until he wants me to cook for him again! Anyway, everyone is all smiles, Wayne drove all the way from Texas to make sure we were fed. I bet you didn’t know that Wayne really owns Wayne’s Place.

I am sure I told you that we have two “card playing buddies.” We play almost every weekend and I hate to admit this but I have not won many games. The other night our buddies came down and they went into shock. What on earth happened here? The hubby just had to tell them that all you have to do is buy some electric logs and you have to tear the whole house up just to use them. Do you get the idea that the hubby wasn’t too excited about this project?

You see the two chairs that sat in front of the fireplace were too big, so that meant they had to go somewhere else. What was a real comedy was the hubby and I trying to move them without picking them up. Really neither one of us need to be doing any “picking up” at our age. I mention age because one of my fellow writers happened to mention that I was probably the oldest writer in the newspaper. You know age is only a number. But anyway, so much for that. The hubby and I finally got the chair through the doorway after a few choice words that we shouted at each other, and then a few tables moved here and there. Of course the question was asked when we were laying on the couch exhausted, whose idea was this anyway?

So really now that the weather has turned cold and there is absolutely nothing going on the lake, I recommend all you lake people take a good look at your furniture arrangement and maybe it will hit you like a lightning bolt; you will just have to move your furniture around. Tell your hubby that Tulip’s hubby made you do it!

Before I go I would like to give you some “football watching” advice. Now that we have all our furniture arranged it was time to watch a little football. You know I am “crazy wild” about this sport. This last Sunday I absolutely “over dosed” on the sport. But on two occasions, I got so mad because my team lost that I just pushed the off button and stomped upstairs to bed, only to find out that the hubby was watching the last seconds up there and he said, “Your ding dong team pulled it out and won!” Ask me if that made me even madder. Of course the hubby had to mention that I take football too serious.

Well, as you know the Tobacco Festival is this week and I am just like a great big kid. I love a parade and on Saturday I will be there with bells on. Hope you all join me in celebrating the coming of fall to the great state of Kentucky. I will be truly enjoying the moment and I hope you will be. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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