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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello from historic Peach Blossom Hall in the heart of Russellville, in the great county of Logan. The 50 roses and 75 plus mums are still blooming and the front lawn looks really nice. It took four loads of black mulch this year to cover all the necessary ground around the plants. I have enjoyed so many people driving by and taking pictures.

This summer three storms struck my property and hit multiple trees. The great sorrow was the loss of a 600 year old tree in the front yard. As we cut the trees I have been giving fire wood to people who drive by. There should be more available in the next two weeks.

Earlier this week I was fortunate to be part of a group who bought tickets and attended a great meal at the Methodist Temple in Russellville. I must be getting old because I knew most of the people there. I should also say that the lovely young ladies who were serving the meal have gotten even lovelier since last year. Their cooking remains top of the line. (Seems like church ladies are the better cooks in this world.)

It is such a shame that so many young people do not know how to cook now days. A microwave just does not get it! I think the schools made a major mistake when they took cooking and home economics out of the school curriculum. I am so glad that I took courses in shopping and cooking in school. The coach made us do it. I think it is telling in some of our local restaurants as well. Terrible food with little or no seasoning doesn’t get it!

The Red River Fish & Game Habitat (Club) had a great fish fry in Adairville last weekend. There was a big turnout, lots of prizes and lots of fun. More than $4,000 was raised for the habitat’s expenses for the coming year. There were several new members taken in as well. It was a great night in our county.

I have received several calls this week inquiring about the place I purchased my mums for my property. I got them at a great bargain from the Cameron family, who have their mum gardens on the Nashville Hwy. (Hwy 431 S.) Go through Adairville and cross the south branch of the Red River. The mum garden is on your left going south. The giant size mums are only $7. The phone number is 270-539-4795.

There was a time when small towns had lots of activities for their young people. Not so any more. No movie theaters, no skating rinks, no game arcades, no youth centers and on and on. Even most of the churches have fallen far short.

Unfortunately, most of our churches have become senior citizens gathering sites. I have attended services at more than 20 churches in the county in the past three years, and only four of the churches filled over half of their available seats. I might add that the four churches that had the best attendance, had young people or young couples and their children in the congregations. The youth seem to be the lifeblood of the church.

Most of the churches I attended had maybe 15 to 25 percent of the seats filled and almost no young people. The average age of the parishioners was in their mid 70s to 80s. What happens in the next 10 years when most of those folks are gone? Without a doubt most of these churches will be closing. How very sad!

A good example was church attendance in Adairville last Sunday. The town population is right at 850 individuals. There were right at 258 individuals in attendance at the six churches inside the city limits. Some town citizens do attend churches outside the city limits, but at the same time citizens from outside the city limits attend the churches in town, so it just about evens out.

The Berna Group and The Scientific Study of Religion both report church attendance in America far below the previous attendance reports of about 40 percent. In fact the real statistics show that attendance ranges from 19 to 29 percent on the average, depending on what state you are in. Vermont being the lowest and Utah being the highest. Following Utah in attendance are the southern states.

The Catholic Church and Orthodox churches are suffering the largest decline. The Southern Baptist continue the largest growth although it is slowing. It is estimated that churches in America would have to grow by 100 million church attendees to get up to 40 percent of Christians attending church on a regular bases. The churches are going to have to come up with a new strategy to again fill the church pews on Sunday. For my Jewish friends they too are having the same problems.

Well it is time to go. Good night Virginia Lloyd, Nolaree Wiliford, T.G. Pitts and his sweet big sister, Julia Starks, W.L. Moore and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email dickdickerson100@aol.com.

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email dickdickerson100@aol.com.

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