A day late a dollar short: coupon cutting

The occasional bundle of coupons arrived in the mail and I set about going through them. Every little bit helps and it is satisfying to find discounts on products that I buy.

The cover page offered $3.00 off on 48 cans of cat food. No cats live with me now; the only ones I see are two or three pretty neighborhood cats that pass by to see if I have thrown any delectable scraps in the edge of the woods.

The barbecue sauce special price was good, but I would need to buy two bottles to qualify, it said. Most of the time the expiration date of the sauce will have arrived before I have used one bottle.

I can get 50 cents off liquid hand soap with the coupon. As luck would have it, I just last week stocked up with a large jug of that very brand.

Hair color products don’t engage my interest even when they “dare me to be bold and vibrant.” I’ll simply let nature take its course; too much trouble.

Fortunately, I don’t need headache medications. My genes have made me not a target for weight reduction plans or supplements. I’m past the acne age. No digestive problems.

The restaurant offer is quite appealing, especially as I study the presentation of food that is pictured. However, after driving as far as I would have to in order to find a restaurant in that chain, I would more than “eat up” my savings in gas expense. No need to clip.

Fragrances for body or house are not my thing. I direct my efforts to removing smells, not introducing them. The air freshener is running low in the can, but I don’t see any coupons for air fresheners. That’s the way it usually works- I’ll buy what I need and coupons will appear in the very next batch.

Movies may be ordered for 99 cents each. Quite a bargain, but I’ll borrow mine free from the library.

An ad advises to get ready for cough season. The “leading” liquid cough syrup comes in two flavors plus another formula for chest congestion. I’ll hope my intake of natural vitamin C along with a flu shot will ward off coughs. I’ll risk it.

A cake mix company has an new size of mix for smaller families with a money-saving introductory offer. Why? Bake the regular size, slice and freeze, and you have fresh cake for a long time without baking again.

I don’t need return address labels. Plenty of those come free, also in the mail. I will clip the 25 cent coupon for mushroom soup; always good to have an extra can on hand. As I said, every little bit helps, if I can remember to take the coupon with me shopping before the discount period runs out.

I clipper a diaper coupon to give to our granddaughter with a toddler. When I proudly handed it to her, she happily announced that he was now successfully potty trained!

So goes my experience with coupon savings.

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