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Hello from our little community where our most exciting days maybe church time on Sundays. We sure need more to show up then are attending now. We are falling down. So if you are a member please come back and help us grow. We need new prayer now more than ever as we are without a pastor and we need one badly. Pray for our pastor search committee.

Some known October birthdays are the 9th Connie Borders and Sheila Barrow, the 10th George Whitson, the 15th Trishia Penrod and Kathy Basham, the 18th Judy Coursey Taylor, the 19th Evelyn Skipworth, the 21st Freddy Borders, the 23rd Helen Porter, then mine on the 24th and Susan McLellan the 25th Edwin Scarbrough and Tom Webb. And a special one to Yash Singh. Enjoy your special days.

Had a most exciting day Tuesday when Delores Renfrow from Russellville came down. We ate at the Ranger Grill, then she wanted to check some family rocks at Caney Fork Cemetery, so we went there. We had a banana split and boy it was delicious. We had a great day. Let’s do it again.

Elaine had eye surgery this week, done by Dr. McCubbin, and she is doing fine. She goes back to work this Monday.

Visiting a few days this past week with Stanley, Elaine and Tara were daughter-in-law Jessica Sweeney and Janessa of Charleston S. Carolina. Jessica came to attend a wedding. I got to see them for a few minutes one day.

Betty Willcutt is home after an 8 day stay in the local hospital. Hope she soon feels lots better. And son-in-law Mark Hathcock, Kathy’s hubby, has recently had major surgery and is in Creekwood for recovery.

Bro. Wilbur Powell was supposed to be guest speaker at Elk Lick this morning, but due to the death of a brother Terry, Bro. Bob Barnes spoke in his place. Our sympathy to the Powell family.

There was a very long list in the church bulletin for those in special needs, as well as our pulpit committee, and also our church body as a whole.

Hope teachers, as well as kids, enjoy the next two weeks off their regular grind. Aren’t you glad you have a job? If you aren’t, shame, there are those out there that don’t have a job and want one. And for those out there able to work and don’t have a job and don’t want one, double shame.

See ya next time and have a super good week. God loves you.

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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