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How many of you women out there still call your purse a pocket book? Where on earth did we get that name anyway? I do believe it is “old school” as the younger generation tells me. Anyway, last article I told you about the awful time I had selecting a new purse. Well, it does not get any better. I will refresh your memory; first I purchased a cute burgundy one that was too small. My billfold hung out the top and I took it back. Then I purchased a black one that was taller and it would not “stand up” and it flopped all over the floor when I sat it down on the floor. Once again I took it back and the lady looked at me as if I was from MARS and asked me what was wrong with this one. After telling her that it “flopped”, she agreed with me. So I search and search and the Hubby said, “don’t you come out of that store without the right purse. Well, I tested one pretty black one that would sit on the floor when I sat it down and it was big enough to accommodate my billfold so I purchased it. Finally after getting home, I put all my precious “stuff” in it and thought, “This is the one”! The Hubby had to chime in, “I certainly hope so”. I would be ashamed to take another purse back to that store.

So I cut the tags off, which was a big mistake and proceeded to get in the truck to go to Wayne’s for breakfast. People that bag is so BIG it would not fit in the space I had to put my feet in the truck. I looked down and it looked like I had packed a suitcase for spending overnight somewhere! I nearly cried. Once again the Hubby had to say, “I certainly am glad you got a big enough purse this time”. You know what happened next.

After I finally got over me being mad at myself, I remarked….I really made a Boo Boo. Of course he replied, “You are going to have to use it”; you have already cut the tags off. Well, I have been just sick over this whole thing but I have made a decision. I told the Hubby I thought the Daughter needed a new purse or a mini suitcase and I would give it to her for her a Christmas present. Then I will just put my stuff back in my old faithful and use it until the straps break. You see that is why I went shopping in the first place. I have one question for the purse manufacturers, “why do you not make purses that will last forever?”

I bet you thought that was the end of this story but it is not! The next day I had an awful day. To keep myself busy so I wouldn’t think about being “MAD AT MYSELF”, I thought I would do one of the projects that I kept “putting off”! So I thought I would “clean my oven”. That should really keep my find off myself. Well, I had never done it before and all of a sudden when I pushed the “CLEAN” BUTTON” the kitchen filled with smoke. Of course I opened the windows to find the Hubby outside motioning for me to come outside and “see what I had done”. Well, I went out to the back yard to see the biggest mess I have ever seen. Some time ago, I bought a water hose holder and used it to roll up my electrical cords. Of course I had put three long cords together and rolled them up. Of course the Hubby tried to get them off, he didn’t realize they were on there like they were and he was “mad as a hornet”! Then he asked why on earth did I have the window open? Ask me if that went over like a ton of bricks!

After I got through tearing that “hose roller” into a million pieces to get the cords off and putting it in a bag for the garbage man, the Hubby said, “what has come over you woman”? I simply replied, “I guess I am having a fit over buying that stupid purse.

You guessed it, all is well. I have put the new purse in the closet until the Daughter comes for a visit and I am back to my old favorite one. Just say a prayer it lasts forever.

Once upon a time, I read an article written by a woman named Tulip Green and she said to “ENJOY THE MOMENT”. That woman just does not realize how hard that is. There is a happy ending to this story….I NOW HAVE A CLEAN OVEN! Bye now.

By Tulip Green

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To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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