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By Lousie Henderson - Antioch News

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

I am so sorry that my column was not in the paper Friday. Mr. Virgil Sears daughter called me and asked me to wish her daddy a Happy Birthday on Friday the 18th. I mailed it on Monday, so I don’t know what happened.

I enjoyed a visit on Friday with my great nephew Richard Estes. He is a special young man.

Our Seniors enjoyed a trip to Hopkinsville on Friday. We ate lunch at East Meets West. They sure had lots of good food. We stopped at the Dollar Tree. They sure have a nice store.

We enjoyed our Family Reunion on Saturday. Our crowd was small, but we had a good time of visiting with each other together and we enjoyed a good meal. We had a new baby there. Ace, the son of Bryan and Jessica Fuller. He was a cutie.

A group from Antioch Baptist Church went to Hopkinsville on Sunday afternoon and saw the movie War Room. It sure was good. I would advise anyone to see it. It is a good Christian movie.

I enjoyed listening to Gerald Hildabrand on the radio with Don and Mike Mallory on Monday. Had to keep an appointment with Dr. Gotts, but didn’t miss much of it as we had the radio on in the car. Thanks Gerald for remembering me. The song by the Goodman’s was pretty as well as the Long Black Train.

If you know Helen Kennedy, please call her Friday, Sept. 25th and wish her a Happy Birthday and help brighten her day as she isn’t able to get out much.

Ms. Christine White is still in the Hospital and so is Ms. Mae White. Remember the sick and those who have lost loved ones in your prayers.

Ms. Patty Campbell had surgery on her wrist last Wednesday. Sure hope she will soon be feeling much better.

Tammy Sears sang “Take My Hand Precious Lord” Sunday morning and then Chris Epley sang “Come As Your Are” for the invitation.

Our cousin, Sherry Harris from Louisville, came down to the Reunion on Saturday. She had been on a tour to Europe. She sure enjoyed the trip. She had made a lot of Pictures and we enjoyed looking at them. Saw some beautiful sights.

Vanessa Price and Ricky Price along with some more friends enjoyed a vacation last week in Georgia. They rode their motorcycles. Glad they had a safe trip.

Mark and James Thornberry and some more that went with them to South Dakota got home Sunday morning at 4 o’clock. They were wore out because they had worked long and hard while they were there.

Antioch will be having Revival services on October 25-28 with Rev. Tim Nugent from Mt. Pleasant Church in Lewisburg. We invite you to come and pray with us.

We will have movie night with “Do You Believe” on October 17 at 6 p.m.

A soft answer has often been the means of breaking a hard heart.

Have a good week.

By Lousie Henderson

Antioch News

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

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