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By Donna Blake - Adairville News

Don’t forget the Red River Fish and Game Club annual fish fry is this Saturday night, September 26th. Be sure and get your tickets at Costello’s Café or from one of the officers.

The Bank artist’s hosted a soiree this past Saturday afternoon and then Charles gave them a tour of the Art School, the Johnson School House, his house and the art studio next to his. I was fortunate to be invited and enjoyed meeting their families and friends. Nick Fielder, Dan Hixson, Fred Kirschner, and David Thombs are the regulars there. It was a lovely evening and I enjoyed talking to all those there. Charles and his family along with this group are such an asset to our town. It’s a shame we don’t have some shops for them to visit while they are here. There has to be someone out there who would like to open a shop, or even a grocery. I’m still making calls and contacts every week begging someone to come. I think some of them are getting tired of talking to me but they are still very nice and maybe I can wear them down.

Congratulations to the Adairville Cardinal Elementary and Middle School Volleyball team for a very hard season. They worked hard and even though they didn’t come out on top, they learned a lot and represented our school well. They showed great sportsmanship and I am so proud of every one of them.

Also, the Middle School Football team will be wrapping up next week. They have come a long way and have made Logan County proud. They work hard and show great sportsmanship. So proud of how well they do.

I’m not sure how the softball team and soccer team are doing but I know they are making Adairville proud as well. We have a great bunch of students that always represent our school well. They are the best!!!!

Thanks to the Lewisburg Bank for a successful Customer Appreciation Dinner. It was a fun evening and the food was great. I was the lucky winner of a $50 door prize. That made it even better. We appreciate their presence in Adairville and the contribution they make to our town.

Coffee Bottom Girl

Although my body reminds me constantly that I’m not what I used to be, my mind still feels as though I’m early 30’s. However, something will happen that makes me realize the truth. I had some time to kill the other day and stopped in at Goodwill in Hendersonville and as I was checking out they said “Do you get any discounts?” I said well probably senior discount. Getting old should give you some discounts. And then as I was watching an HGTV program and people were shopping for houses. They walk in and say this is so outdated. We would have to rip out the kitchen and bathrooms. Well, they looked pretty normal to me. Then I think back to the house by parents lived in when I was born and then to the first house I lived in as a new bride and I think the young people today would have called that a dump. It seems so hard to believe that I have grown old enough to think about those things. Times have changed so much in the past 64 years of my life. There seems to be more money to buy things but less time to enjoy them and each other. Just this past week at Logan County, I have seen volleyball, soccer, softball and football going on. I know this gives kids more opportunity to participate in some type of extracurricular activity but does it take away from family time. However, being involved is better than watching the trash that is on the television these days. Well, forgive my rant. Till next week.

A Hui Hou Kā’Kou

“May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

And the rain fall soft upon your fields

And until we meet again

May God hold you in the palm of his hand”

By Donna Blake

Adairville News

To contact Donna Blake about the Adairville News, call 270-772-2175.

To contact Donna Blake about the Adairville News, call 270-772-2175.

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