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By Donna Blake - Adairville News

The Red River Fish and Game Club annual fish fry will be September 26th. Be sure and get your tickets at Costello’s Café or from one of the officers.

Also, the Lewisburg Bank customer appreciation dinner is September 22nd at the Logan County Extension Center. It is a fun evening so if you are a customer of the bank, be sure and call and get counted and go for a fun time.

Keep Ann Burchett and the entire Burchett family in your prayers. Billy passed this past week. He was such a fun loving person and never met a stranger. He and Ann enjoyed life and I feel so sorry for her but Ann is a strong woman with a strong faith and I know she will be okay. St. Peter and the angels on the other hand better have heaven shining because Billy will get the armor all out.

Also, keep the Trembley family in your prayers. Lisa passed away suddenly this week. It’s hard to believe when the baby of the family passes away first. Lisa was just a little girl when Miss Erma ran the restaurant. So many memories. Bless this family. It wasn’t that long ago that Miss Erma passed away.

I noticed on face book that Ronnie Brown has been taken to Creekwood. I know that was hard on Christine but there is a time when we aren’t able to take care of a loved one when their needs become more than we can do. Be in prayer for Christine as she goes through this time.

We went to Elkton on Tuesday to our grandson, Alton’s ballgame, and in front of a daycare house there was this hay bale creation that looked like Hello Kitty but said Hay Lo Kitty. Then in front of the old courthouse on the square was a huge hay bale stack like a farmer. I found out that this is the second year for them to have a Harvest Fest and they have the bale trail. You can go on and see some of last year’s entries. Such a creative and fun idea. They also have a downloadable map of everyone that is entering the contest this year and they have 31 entries. It would be a fun day trip and then stop in at the soda shoppe for lunch. Hint, Hint to Thurman. Of course, I don’t think he reads my column, so could someone mention it to him?

Coffee Bottom Girl

It was strange when I first started seeing hay in those giant roles. I can remember back to hay baling time when I lived in Coffee Bottom. Of course, having girls just didn’t prove productive for picking up hay bales and stacking them on a wagon, so Daddy always had to hire help for that job. We always hoped that some good looking boys would get the job and then we would ask to drive the tractor. That was until Daddy realized the job was taking longer because of the flirting between the hired help and his tractor driver. It was a hot job for them though so usually as soon as they were through for the day and sometimes at lunch the boys would go to the river to cool off. Boys would always gather on the square in Adairville during those times hoping someone would come to town looking for help. Nowadays, you can’t go to town and find help. Guess that’s why they have the big rolls.

A Hui Hou Kā’Kou

“May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

And the rain fall soft upon your fields

And until we meet again

May God hold you in the palm of his hand”

By Donna Blake

Adairville News

To contact Donna Blake about the Adairville News, call 270-772-2175.

To contact Donna Blake about the Adairville News, call 270-772-2175.

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