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It is so strange, I don’t care where you go and return to your HOME, you think to yourself, MAN IT IS GOOD TO BE HOME! But my problem is where ever I go, I can make it home. The Hubby says I am a “WANDERER”, whatever that is. This past weekend we had to return to beautiful LAKE MALONE to show the Hubby that water was still in the lake. Guess what it was!

Saturday morning was like coming home. All our Buddies were wondering where in the world we had been. But as always, people were busy eating sausage and biscuits that they didn’t have time to listen. That’s really okay because we know they love us anyway.

Things went pretty well, all the usual people were out on the lake trying to splash all the water up on the shore and the Hubby had a little problem with his truck. Why is it, trucks always have problems? For some reason, I never liked a truck. But you cannot live on the lake without one. As you know we are always pulling our boats out of the water. But I have noticed that more and more people have these cute little “four wheel” things that they run around on all the time. Don’t really think I could get use to one of them. As a matter of fact, don’t think the Hubby would let me drive one.

While I was at the Daughters, it occurred to me that I had just had my “foot in the road” too much. I had neglecting my friends. So I made a promise to myself that I was going to see everyone I could before I left again. As I was walking down the driveway, I looked up and here came one of my dearest neighbors. I had not seen her all summer and here she was back! I nearly cried. She had come to see me first. As I write this to you, how many friends have you not taken the time to call lately? We are living so fast…..and I thought I was in the “slow lane” but time is just passing sooooo fast. Here it is Labor Day weekend and the summer is over. The old saying is, “when the 4th of July comes, then hello Christmas”! That is when they have their “Christmas in July Sales”.

Speaking of sales, I have not stopped at “ONE” yard sale this year. I have a dear friend that I use to go to “yard sales” with every Friday and there again, I stopped doing that also. Friends are very valuable. I must really “get with the program”! I need to pick up the phone right this minute and give her a call. I hope she is at home and has not forgot me.

Man, I am rambling today. Hope you can follow this. I planned on telling you all about my trip to the Daughters house and will do so really quick. She has a squirrel that has the funniest tale. His tail is longer than his body. It looks like someone caught him by the tail and would not let go and it stretched it out before his real tail starts. When he runs it just flaps. It really is strange seeing him on a limb, it just hangs down really long. Then she has an old, old Tom Turkey. He has a beard about 12” long and the skin on his head looks like grey velvet. The Hubby says the flock of young turkeys have run him off because he is old! Isn’t that awful. Just think what would happen to us senior citizens if the world just pushed us out in the wild. Mother Nature needs to do something about that. I will have to speak to her.

Then one day I thought I would surprise the Daughter and pull weeds around her storage house. There was a great big hole there for that silly little ground hog that eats all the bird seed that falls from the feeder. I decided to fill his hole that he dug under the house. I filled it with rocks, dirt and even a pile of bricks on top. Well, when I went to look yesterday, he had just dug a hole right beside my rock and brick pile. It is really sad that a ground hog is smarter than I am. Well, I guess I will just let him live there until spring. But he will have to move on then. I really hate throwing him out in the fall of the year.

It’s that time again, must get something done. Remember to call a friend. And as always, enjoy the moment…’s later than you think. Bye now.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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