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Greetings. Will begin with some known September birthdays. They, like everything else, seem to fly by. The 9th is Betty Stuart and Judy Jernigan, the 11th is Addie Hendley and Marin Carter, the 8th is Gary Sears, the 15th is Meredith Johnson, the 18th is ole Jim Turner (I got to see him recently at the farmer’s market), the 18th is also Baahnah Hendley, the 18th is Rohan Singh, the 19th is Barbara Borders and granddaughter Krista Lynn, the 25th is Barbara Belules, the 27th is Gabby Ezell, and the 30th is Frieda Pitchford and Weston Wright.

Now a couple of anniversaries. They are the 12th George and Bev Whitson and the 30th Jason and Baahnah Hendley. Enjoy these special days.

Sorry to hear this week that former interim pastor Bro. Art Burcham of Nashville lost his wife Mrs. Eleanor Burcham this past Sunday night there in Nashville. Her services were to be this morning (Saturday) in Nashville. I am assuming her burial will be in Elk Lick cemetery, as they have a rock here. Our sympathy to the family.

Our sympathy to the family of Ray Kenneth Eddings. His services were this week. Lo, these many years ago he and I went to the same school at Stuarts.

Bless Brenda Coursey as she and one of the grand-kids stopped one day and left some corn and it really was good. I froze some on the cob and cut off some and am eating the rest on the cob. Do you get the idea, I like corn on the cob? Well let me tell you I do.

Tuesday Judy Jernigan picked me up. We went to the China Buffet and met Martine Brown and Kathryn Stuart. We had good eats, as well as visiting awhile.

Remember September the 5th and 6th, as this is a planned weekend for us at Elk Lick to meet and greet prospective pastor Bro. Jody McGaha and family. They are now in North Carolina (I think). Plans are for different activities Saturday, as well as for Sunday. It is your church, so be sure to come and hear him. He will speak at the 11 o’clock hour on Sunday. I understand they have 3 boys.

While I was at church this morning someone brought me 2 watermelons. Thank you, thank you. I have already eaten a half of one and it is really good. So whomever you are, again many thanks.

Speaking at church this morning was Bro. Steven Pendly of near Springfield. he is a good speaker.

Have a good week and see ya next time. Hope to see you next Sunday at church.

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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