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It’s Tuesday and the Hubby and I are still at the Daughters house. I hope she is not getting tired of us because I am really enjoying my stay. You know when you visit someone, the Hubby says, “three days is just enough” and if you stay longer; it’s like fish….YOU STINK!

Anyway, it’s BEAUTY SHOP DAY! You know, when I am at the lake, Friday is Walmart Day; rain or shine, it’s get in the car and go. Well, for some reason I have always gone to the beauty shop on Tuesday. And for all you people out there that need to know a great place to go, it’s June’s Beauty Shop in Lewisburg. Well, anyway since I am away from home I am going to the shop that I went to when I was a little girl. Believe me that was a long time ago.

The lady that cut my hair is no longer there but I am sure she is watching over me from heaven. You see the original shop is in her Moms house and has been there for years. Now her daughter is continuing to make ladies beautiful in the neighborhood.

A hundred years ago when I was a girl, they still had those driers that look like “bee hives” that fit over your head and it took all day long to change the color or curl your hair. I was the first person who she cut the “BOYIST BOB” on; you see I had shoulder length hair and she wanted to try this out. Man was I shocked! Then one time I decided, when I was away from home that I would have a permanent. You ladies know all about that; after they got through with my hair, the Hubby said, “Did you pay someone to make you look that bad”! I replied that I did and I was going to pay someone to take it out! You see my hair was curly anyway before I got the permanent and then it looked like I had put my finger in a “wall socket” and shocked it to death. So back I went to Dot’s Beauty Shop and after she got over the shock of seeing what I had done, she took all that permanent out! I have always thought that beauticians were “miracle workers” and I still do. Thank you Lord for these ladies, they have a hard job.

Today will be a first. The Hubby is going with me and he has decided he will let her cut his hair. You know there is something about a man having a woman cut his hair. They just don’t go together. You see if we had pictures in our column I could show you.

One other thing I will mention, I am sure all you “fishing guys” have noticed that the preseason football games are on the TV. I absolutely cannot wait. But I guess you have also noticed that some have gotten hurt already. Well, I hate to say this but this has nothing to do with going to get beautiful. But I will tell you that the Hubby mentioned last week, “isn’t it time for you to go to the beauty shop?” So I guess I better get on the stick and cook our breakfast and get beautiful to go get beautiful. Why is it you always try to look your best when you go to the beauty shop?

I will give you another little clue, the Daughter asked me this morning as she was going out the door, WHEN ARE YOU TWO GOING HOME? Do you think she is getting a little tired of us being in her space? Turn in next week to find out where in the world we are. In the meantime, we will certainly be enjoying the moment where ever we are; hope you are. Bye now.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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