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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

I come from at least six generations of seers in my mother’s family. My mother had the gift but never used it. Her mother, Gertrude Barrett Lannom, had the gift, and as a child I watched her hold gatherings of family and friends and make predictions about who was going to have a baby, coming weather, election of political leaders, sickness and even wars. She and my grandfather were friends with Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Casey from Hopkinsville. Edgar Casey was one of the greatest seers in American History.

My great grandfather, Robert Tilman Lannom, predicted the great American Civil War, Lincoln’s assasination and later the Spanish American War. I understand he made those predictions about two years in advance and named the date both wars would begin. He was a farmer and gave great predictions about the weather to other farmers.

My great-great grandmother was Susannah Lannom-Lannom who came from North Carolina by wagon train to Wilson County, Tennessee in the early 1800s. As a young girl she told family and friends that she had a reoccurring dream of the British sailing back to America and burning Washington and many eastern towns. Two years later the British invaded America in the War of 1812. True to her predictions Washington, D.C. and other east coast towns were attacked and burned.

We also have family accounts of both Susannah’s father and uncle making many predictions at “settings” at their log cabin in northwestern North Carolina. They predicted floods, tornados, droughts and both good and bad farming seasons.

This gift as a seer seems to be passed down generation after generation and probably goes back to far earlier times in distant ancestors. My grandmother seemed to think it went back for many generations to Scotland, Ireland and England.

My little bit of the family gift started at age ten with my being able to predict some women being pregnant, I could see a glow around their face and above their head. I began to see most of my predictions through dreams. That or by seeing a picture of someone and then a flash of an idea of what was about to happen to them. I once saw a picture of Elvis Presley with his mother. I looked at the picture, turned to my mother and said I think Elvis’s mother is going to die. Three days later Mrs. Presley died unexpectedly.

In 1966 I was attending the American University in Cairo, Egypt. For four nights I dreamed of Israel and Egypt going to war. I called home and gave my parents the date. I also shared my dreams with several of my classmates. It happened as I predicted and actually started the very day I said I thought it would start. After that I was treated very differently by my classmates. Local barbers would cut my hair for free and then turned around and sold locks of it for good luck.

Another time I was in England judging a major dog show. I dreamed that the USA had bombed an Arab Country. Then I dreamed of flying on a very large aircraft carrier and that the plane was empty. Two days later President Reagan directed our air force to bomb Libya. When I returned home at the end of the week I flew on a 747 plane that had only three passengers. (The passengers on almost every international carrier had cancelled their flights for fear of retaliation on the part of Libya.)

There use to be a lady named Dorothy Dix that wrote a nationally syndicated news column and had a regular radio show where she made predictions. Mrs. Dix invited me to be on her show. My parents would not let me fly to New York so Mrs. Dix came to Nashville for the show. That was a thrill but I was not allowed to receive any pay.

I have been in retirement for many years now and do not like to predict people dying. For several years I have made my annual predictions and the results in this newspaper and on WRUS Radio. Nowhere else.

So here we go on the results of my 2015 predictions. Remember the predictions sometimes take a little longer but usually happen by the second or third year.

1) Prediction: The economic development of Logan County will continue to grow. I predicted three new companies will locate here and ultimately employee a number of new workers. The answer is that Logan Aluminum received a great contract with Ford Motor Company. They have added to the plant and are now building aluminum cabs for the new F-150 Trucks. The number one selling truck in America. More than 150 new employees have been hired with many more to be added in the next two years. The Champion Dog Food Company opened their new plant in the past few days. They have hire 150 plus workers with double that to be hired in coming months.

2) Prediction: Peyton Manning, football quarterback, will sign for one more year in the pros. It will not be one of his best years but he will go out with respect and esteem. Answer: Most sports casters and reporters predict Peyton would not play this past year. He did play and had a better year than expected. In the last few days an Arab owned TV Station has made the claim that Peyton took muscle enhancing drugs. It looks like he will be vindicated on these charges as those who made the charges are now recanting.

3) Prediction: Hilary Clinton will finally announce for President. She will be the favorite of the Democratic Party and will ultimately win the nomination. She, President Obama and Vice President Biden will have rough going between them. Answer: Hilary is leading all Democratic Party polls for the nomination. She, the President and Vice President have had some rough going between them, against them and any way you look at it.

4) Prediction: The Republican majority in both the U.S. House and Senate will keep President Obama’s legislation completely tied up and will defeat every bill he brings forward. The Republicans will pass many bills but the President will veto them. He will rule by executive order. Answer: The 2015 Congress is called the most do nothing Congress in the past 100 years. Fewer items got through Congress than ever before. President Obama threatened the use of the veto repeatedly and as a result the Republican majority simply blocked bills getting out of committees or floor votes being taken. The President has in fact used his power of executive order more than any president in American History

5) Prediction: There will be many Republican candidates for President. 10 to 12 candidates to start with. The field will narrow to five or six in a few months. Probably four candidates will go to the Republican Convention. Look for Romney, Christie and Bush to be contenders. The Junior Senator from Kentucky will be the fourth candidate but with no real chance at the nomination. He will speak at the convention and put his unique agenda before the delegates and the nation. Answer: People thought I was way off when I predicted many Republican candidates. 10 to 12 to start with. We actually had 15 candidates and the field has narrowed to 11 as of this date. Romney was floated as a surprise candidate a few months ago but has stopped the campaign at this time. Christie, Bush and the Junior Senator from Kentucky are still in the campaign. The unexpected contender is Trump. This has been the most unusual Republican campaigns for the Presidential nomination in history. This has turned out to be a two year prediction.

6) Prediction: Look for major scandals in every major pro sport. Look for loud calls for Congress to strengthen regulations in every major pro sport. There will be some new regulations enacted. Answer: 2015 was indeed a year full of sport scandals. Major violations in drugs and enhancement medications has led the field in every major sport. Player after player has failed the drug tests. This has been followed by bad behavior, drinking, auto wrecks, violence in night clubs and domestic violence at home. Since the Congress has been at a standstill this past year the various sport commissioners have added many new regulations in an attempt to clean up their sport.

7) Prediction: President Putin of Russia will continue his campaign to move Russia back towards the days of the old Soviet Union. He will continue to be more autocratic and to jail all who oppose his rule. He will cause more unrest inside and out of Russia. The economy will worsen in 2015. Answer: Putin, who was a high official in the KGB in the old Soviet Union, has indeed become much more autocratic. He has ordered the arrest of many political enemies and caused others to flee their country for fear of arrest. He has pretty well abolished the independent press in the country with the arrest and jailing of more than 20 major newspaper and television journalists, the closing of several major newspapers and television stations and forcing into exile many prominent individuals in the nation. He has increased the medaling in the internal affairs of several surrounding countries, annexed the Crimea which was part of the Ukraine, become a major backer of the current government in Iran and Syria and is again building the power of the Russian Military. Russia receives some 60% of their national income from the sale of oil and gas. With the drastic fall of the price of oil and gas Russia is suffering a major loss of revenue and a serious economic set back.

8) Prediction: World terrorism will continue to spread in 2015. Every continent will see terrorist strike in 2015. The free world will direct much energy and resources fighting this ugly problem. Answer: This prediction was spot on. There has been more terrorism worldwide in 2015 than any time since World War II. Isis in Iraq, revolution in Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, chemical poisoning in Japan, bombs in England, major shootings in France, England, the USA, Israel and other countries. There were major shootings, bombings and kidnappings in several African and Arab countries. All told there were acts of terrorism in more than 35 countries in 2015.

9) Prediction: President Obama will move to finally close Guantanamo Bay Prison in 2015. Most prisoners will be sent to jails in other countries or transferred to federal or state prisons here in the U.S.A. Answer: This prediction was right on target. The majority of prisoners at this military facility have been released, sent to jails in foreign countries or to other state and or federal facilities here in the U.S.A. All indications are that this facility is in its’ closing days.

10) Prediction: Last but not least, there will be a major scandal in Logan County that will shock the faint at heart. Answer: The recent Walker murder case in Adairville. Once the trial begins you will see all of these parts come into play and you will read about them in this and other newspapers. Sheriff Wallace Whitaker, his able staff, the prosecutors and the judge will all play major roles in this tale. Till then we will see!

Time to go. Next week will be my 2016 predictions. Several will be pretty explosive. Until then, good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email [email protected]

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email [email protected]

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