New shelter is personal society climbing

Alberta Hayes - Russellville

Dear Editor:

I want to address the situation with our animal shelter. Present management says the shelter is not up to standards. Introducing Kathryn Callahan, state director for the Humane Society. According to Callahan, the shelter is not up to standards and opens the county up for a lawsuit. This to me is arm twisting, applying pressure to the county. Where was Callahan in previous years when the shelter struggled to survive?

Okay, now $250,000 to $350,000 for a new lot, adoption center, spay and neuter clinic, education and community center, consignment store, event pavilion, public dog park, and nature trails.

Will someone please stand up and say how crazy this plan is? This is Russellville – small town Russellville. We don’t have a theater, a teen center, or a skating rink for our young people. I love animals. In previous years I have watched the shelter struggle just to feed the animals. Then a new management came and swiftly euthanized large numbers of animals making our “no-kill” into a “kill” shelter.

People saw improvement. Well when you euthanize many animals the shelter of course is easier to manage.

The ambition to force the building of this luxury shelter is more personal society climbing than what is good for the county.

This area cannot afford a $350,000 shelter. The idea is ridiculous. Speak out against this.

What we do need, is to repair what we can afford at our present shelter. Hire staff whose main priority is love for the animals, not the status of a luxury shelter. Logan County cannot afford this new shelter. I hope common sense will win out.

Alberta Hayes


Alberta Hayes


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