Back to the Beginning

On occasion we take time to reflect on our lives. Where have I been? What would I like to accomplish? What would I change if I could live my life over again?

These kinds of questions are often asked when one reaches retirement. You think back on your life and wonder what the future holds. For some this a good experience and fills them with gratitude for the joys of life they have experienced. Others wish that they could change the way things were to bring about a different place for them today. They would like to go back to the beginning and start over.

Beginning from some place behind us can only come from our imaginations. The past remains. But new choices can amend what happened and bring positive results for the future. Beginning again can start from the present moment.

Mark Nepo in his book, “Reduced to Joy,” says it well in the last stanza of his poem, “The Water Takes Many Forms.”

“When finding a guide, listen, if you must, to what they have to say, but look for the water in their eyes and the wind that rims their voice. Let your self be scoured back to the beginning which is not behind us, but about to crack open within us.”

A new crack can open within us to create a new beginning. We still have choices that can make a difference for our lives in the future. We may need to let go of hard realities of the past and keep from having them pull us back to sadness. “Behold, I make all things new.” (Rev. 21: 1-7)

John the Divine in his vision of the new Jerusalem saw that God has the last word for our lives. Even tears will be wiped away and death will be no more. We are given encouragement not to give up from the hardships we may have endured. There is new life and hope.

This is also the message of the Easter Season that new life can sprout from death. New beginnings are endless. They begin in each present moment.

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