LONG Shoelaces

Why are my shoelaces so long? The shoelaces on my tennis shoes are way long and really frustrate me.

Well, I learned that there are several reasons that Athletic Shoelaces are so long:

1. There are often extra holes to place your shoelaces further up the ankle of the shoe.

2. There are several lacing patterns for your shoe and some require more length then others.

3. Some individuals that are very active tend to tie their shoe with 2 or 3 knots, which requires more lace.

4. And a Nike spokesperson confessed that sometime it was simply a mistake.

It is amazing what can get us twisted and frustrated. It is also important for me to remember that there is generally a reason behind every action.

Why is the Media causing such a fuss over the Confederate Flag? There is a reason!

Why is Cancer not cured and battles are fought every minute of everyday? There is a reason!

Why is my co-worker such a pain? There is a reason!

Why are there so many unhappy people in this world? There is a reason!

Why are most Churches struggling? There is a reason!

As a Christian I really need to grow to the point of understanding that, while I may not know the reason behind everything that happens, God has a purpose for me. And that purpose is not that difficult to find or understand.

Oswald Chambers wrote “We should never have the thought that our dreams of success are God’s purpose for us. In fact, His purpose may be exactly opposite…. His purpose for me is to depend on Him and on His power now.”

God is not just preparing me for heaven or tomorrow; He wants me to experience Him in this moment. He desires that I live with Him in the moment. He really is not concerned with my earthly goals or plans – He is really wrapped up in just loving me fully in the moment – regardless of how long my shoelaces are or what I am eating for supper tonight. And He rejoices when I get that wrapped up in Him.

So in the midst of it all remember Him and focus on Him because He is focused on you!

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