Look to the heart

Who are our role models? Could it be the stars of the sporting world, or maybe an actor or actress? Could it be a friend, an acquaintance, family member or someone in the news. But as you know, this is a day and time when we need real and authentic heroes. We need role models who will model for us not just what is “trending” or popular at the time, but will show us over time, values that will last and are worth listening to. One of the real values of studying the great characters in the Bible is that the scriptures do not gloss over their errors. they were human, not perfect, and their failures are openly and honestly stated. They were very much like us and a tremendous inspiration to us in the sense that God doesn’t “call the empowered, how empowers the called.”

Such is the case with David of the Old testament. He is called, “A man after God’s own heart.” David was the youngest son of Jesse, a shepherd, a giant killer, a composer of psalms, the greatest king Israel has ever known. Yet maybe what draws many of us to him – is the fact that the wasn’t a perfect type of person, beyond criticism. He was in fact, of blood, skin and bones; a man who shares our trials and tribulations. Although he is a man of glorious triumphs, he is also a man with a goodly amount of tragedy.

The key scripture verse in today’s discussion is found in Samuel 16:7. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. We need to understand this one essential and eternal principle: God does not see people as the world does. That David would be anointed the king of Israel would not have been the world’s choice – too young, no combat experience, no education, a sheep herder! What an unexpected and “out of the blue” choice. Here is a bot that nobody seemed to notice, but certainly, God did.

This just goes to show that God doesn’t look at the outward appearance, but looks at what is in the heart. What a great lesson for us. It would be great if we all could change our thought processes and see beyond the surface of people and see into their hearts. We need to look beyond someone’s color, their nationality, their size, their social-economic level, their philosophy; and delve into their heart. We also need to have a heart that depends on God in our relationships. We need to stop that constant worry how things are going to work out and depend on God! Trust God, have faith, and lift your concerns up to the Lord. Like David, God wants to use us in a big way if we will but yield our heart to him

God bless you, this day and every day.

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