Thought of the day

By Tony A. Woodson - Pastor, Townsend Grove Missionary Baptist Church

God stepped in and filled my heart with a new layer of love, acceptance, joy and peace.

Have you often asked God to step in, and each time you ask – He worked a little more in your heart. Each time, we understand better what it means to love God.

We understand better the value of life and the pleasure that we bring to God simply by being and all the things that really matter to Him. And when we experience him, it makes things beautiful out of our brokenness. So there is no giving up. Even though, on the outside, it often looks like things are falling apart, but it’s on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without His unfolding grace. Thank you, Lord. And the church said – Amen!

Help for today: Whenever a Christian enters a period of adversity, the devil will be right there to attempt to devastate that person. I have found that the devil uses many methods of attack and normally with some success. If you are not on your spiritual toes, you will fall prey to one of more of his schemes. Lest Satan should get an advantage on us: For we are not ignorant of his devices. it is necessary for every Christian to know the principles of the devil’s methods of attack, so there will be a readiness in what he is doing in our lives.

Look, watch and be ready. And the church said – Amen!

By Tony A. Woodson

Pastor, Townsend Grove Missionary Baptist Church

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