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Hello you people out there in “newspaper land.” As I mentioned my DISCONTENT with our weather situation, I decided to do just what everyone has been telling me all my life. If you have “LEMONS,” THEN MAKE LEMONADE.” Well, I did not make Lemonade but I decided that Mother Nature was not going to listen to me so I might as well be content with the situation at hand. Of course that situation was RAIN!

The Hubby and I decided we would just pretend that each day was going to be a sun shinny day and we would just make plans just like we always did. We would get our bait and off we would go in the boat. Well, the first morning we tried this little trick, the sky was black when we got up. So that shot our happy thoughts. So once again I thought a little rain is not going to ruin my parade. So I got out my sewing machine and cleaned it! That is one of the things I had on my “TO DO LIST” FOR quite some time. And while I had my machine out, I just did a little mending while I was at it. I guess you would call this POSITIVE ACTION. The Hubby went out and cleaned his shop. As we were eating lunch, I mentioned to the Hubby how smart we were; turning lemons into lemonade. Once again he looked at me as if I was from another planet. Sometimes I think I really am. I had to draw him a picture. I had to explain that instead of complaining about the rain we should do some productive work. Even work that we had intended to do for a long while.

Around the middle of the week, the Hubby mentioned we should try again to fish. Of course the old routine of getting bait, off we went in the boat and we found our favorite spot and began to fish. You know this time it could not be perfect. Yep, you guessed it….the fish were not biting that day. It was just as well because as we were leaving our favorite spot, I mentioned to the Hubby he should look over his shoulder at that black cloud that had sneaked up on us while we were busy fishing. So he put the motor in “fast mode” and we flew on home. Just as we got the boat tied up…the bottom fell out of the sky and we got WET big time. We started laughing as we ran in the house and acted like kids playing in the rain. Once again making lemonade out of lemons. I didn’t mention this to the Hubby again. I knew he just couldn’t handle it.

Since we were all wet, I decided that I might as well wash our clothes. It dawned on me I just made another positive out of a negative. You see the clothes would be all done so we could go fishing the next time the sun shined; that is if it ever did again.

The end of the week was near, the sun came out, we got bait at Wayne’s and off we went again. We fished most of the morning and came back home with fish. We did not eat them for dinner but they are waiting in the freezer for just the right moment to enjoy. Usually it is with neighbors and friends.

As the week progressed, it got harder and harder to do things I had been putting off before I got this “positive idea.” I went too far when I took down a blind in the bathroom and washed it. I haven’t done anything that daring since I returned to the lake this spring.

I guess you are wondering where in the world I got this idea of “don’t gripe,” and “enjoy the moment” at hand and live. You see I read an article on Facebook that a friend of mine had posted. After reading it I decided I must share it with you.

Life is short; LIVE IT! Love is rare; GRAB IT! Anger is bad; DUMP IT! Fear is awful; FACE IT. Memories are sweet; CHERISH THEM!

Today is Fathers Day. The most cherished days of my life were with my dad. There is no one in your life that can replace him if you had one like I did. I was truly a daddy’s girl. At my age now, I can understand that phrase and he will always be in my heart. If you are a dad out there, look back and cherish those memories. If you are not a dad, then there is always a child next door or down the road that needs LOVE. Enjoy this moment in your life.

Yesterday was “KIDS DAY AT THE LAKE.” As I ate my breakfast at Wayne’s it was precious to see all the kids come in all excited. I do hope they caught a “BIG FISH.” I still enjoy the same thrill.

As always, I’ll say “BYE NOW.” Think positive, it’s really fun and you get a lot done.

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