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Hello again from a cold and snowy Logan County. One of the original counties and western most in the old southwest territories, Virginia Territory under the British, after independence and early statehood. Logan County was later divided into many other counties over a 20 year period.

Today Logan County remains, possibly, the third largest county in square miles in the commonwealth. Most books state that as a fact but some individuals dispute it. Who am I to say. I do know that the commonwealth reports our county to be one of the most farm/crop productive in Kentucky We are in the top 10 most productive in more than six crops and number one in tobacco!.

The county has produced a number of outstanding governors. With our county being divided into other counties so many times (more than 20); some other counties now claim a few of them of what was Logan County governors. It even gets a bit complicated when out of state folks contact me looking for a particular cemetery, in Logan County, where an ancestor is buried. Many times that cemetery is located in another county fat from here.

Today some of the unsung heroes of Logan County work at the new Logan County Court House. They are the security guards who make it much safer for us all. In today’s’ world without these heroes we would all be at risk. Some of these individuals are Noble Clark, George Dickerson, Ray Hunt, Victor Romero, Ken Bunton, George Office, Wayne Coker and George Wilson. Next time you see one of these guards give them a big thank you. They are making it a lot safer for us all.

It looks like three of my annual predictions have already become true. A bank robbery, snow and cold and Putin of Russia having trouble with terrorist near the site for the 2014 Olympics. (Attendees/ticket holders have already begun to cancel out.) I predict even more terrorism before and during the Olympics. I see a huge lose of tourist, income and prestige for Russia and Putin.

Due to my losing my Adairville column (or it disappearing somewhere in my computer) I am consolidating that information into this article. So here goes:

The Red River Meeting House Association puts out a very good newsletter. This was the site of the Second Great Awakening in the USA. The folks that are in the association keep the very historical property going and prospering. They have announced a very good schedule for 2014. It follows:

• Church Services the first Sunday of every month at 3 p.m.

• 6 Annual Blanket Day/Trade Day - April 5.

• 65 Annual Potluck Meeting – 1 p.m. – September 14.

• 19 Annual Primitive Camp Meeting – October 10 – 12.

• 5th Annual Christmas Service – December 7 at 4 p.m. following the Schochoh Parade.

The Adairville South Logan Chamber of Commerce membership drive is underway. Hopefully this will be a record membership year. I will be out gather memberships during the next several weeks. If I do not ask you to jo9in then please ask me. The chamber has set the following schedule:

• Annual Easter Parade (This year for the children) – Saturday April 12, 2 p.m.

• Annual Easter Egg Hunt - April 12

• Annual Easter Hat Contest - April 12

• Cookie & Cake Sale – April 12

• Annual Joint Adairville Churches’ Easter Sunrise Service – 6 a.m. (General Baptist)

• Annual Dinner May 3, 6 p.m.

• 10 Annual Car , Tractor and Motor Cycle Show – May 10

• 68 Annual Strawberry Festival, May 15 – 17

With A Smile Jay Leno had a very interesting lady on his show recently. She had won the prize for the most fantastic and embarrassing story of the year. It seems like the lady grew up a very proper church going person. Years ago she went on a blind date with a very nice young man. They went to a lodge in the mountains for a nice meal. There was a lot of snow and the temperature was way below freezing. As the couple was driving back in the snow the weather got worse and it made the driving very slow. The young lady needed to go to a restroom but there was no place open. Finally she could wait no longer and her date had to stop the car and let her out. She went behind the car. In a couple of minutes she started calling out to her date. She had squat down next to the back bumper and her rear end (butt) was stuck to the bumper and she could not get loose. She made her date keep his eyes closed and they discussed what to do to get her loose. They needed to pour water or some liquid on the bumper to release her. Unfortunately there was no liquid available so the only liquid available was inside her date. He had to pee on the bumper and her rear side (butt). It worked and she was freed.

The outcome was she married the young man and they have been married many years. He joined her on stage at the Jay Leno Show and received a huge amount of applause. Smile!

Time to go. Good night sweet Bertie Angel and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

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