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Hello again from the independent state of Logan. It is one of the most historic counties in all of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. One I choose to call home.

As a young boy and later as a young man I use to make annual predictions. The idea came as a result of my inheritance of a unique trait that has run through many generations of my mother’s ancestors. My grandmother Gertrude Lannom Mayfield made many predictions over her 100 year life. My mother, Evelyn Mayfield Dickerson had the same gift but feared it and refused to make any predictions. Sometimes she would let slip something she would see for the future but she did her best to never make any predictions.

When I was very young and would visit my grandparents, I would witness many relatives, friends and other visitors coming on Sundays. Many of the visitors would ask my grandmother what she saw coming in their futures. If she saw something she did not always tell them. Particularly if it was something bad. Some times she would be carrying on a conversation with one person or a group and suddenly she might stop and turn to someone else in the room and make a prediction regarding them. She had something very special about predicting women expecting a baby. Grandmother would say she could see a glow above the woman’s head. She was always right.

One Sunday I was at my grandparent’s home and there was a house full of people. I was about nine or ten at the time. There was an older couple visiting and chatting with my grandmother. I looked a long time at the older lady and I saw the glow above her head. I whispered to my grandmother what I saw. She immediately bent over and gave me a big hug and a kiss. She then whispered back to me that she saw it as well. Within a few minutes grandmother told the older couple what both she and I had seen. The couple protested that they were far too old to be starting a family. Well eight months later they had a healthy baby boy.

Later my grandmother told me she had been looking for the next generation in our family that had “the gift.” It seems that it was me. My mother always thought it was a curse and refused to make any predictions. It was always stressed to me that no one in our family had ever accepted money or gifts for our predictions and that I in turn should never do so.

My grandparents became friends with a man named Edger Cacey and his wife. My grandmother always said Edgar Cacey had the greatest gift of seeing the future of any person in the history of America. From time to time Mr. Cacey would call my grandparent’s home and consult with grandmother.

I was at my grandparent’s home once when a famous lady named Dorothy Dix called to talk with my grandmother. Mrs. Dix was a famous seer from New York. She had a national radio show and newspaper column where she made predictions. She asked that I be allowed to travel to New York to appear on her radio show. I was excited to go but my mom put her foot down and said absolutely no, no, no!

Once I saw a picture of Elvis Presley and his mother in the Nashville Tennessean Newspaper. I took one long look and turned to my mom and predicted that mother Presley was going to die very soon. My mom sternly ordered that I tell no one of my prediction. Three days later Elvis’ mother died unexpectedly. I felt terrible and quit making such predictions even if I saw it coming.

A few years ago I started making a few predictions for the Logan County News Democratic Leader. My prediction rate has been 90% for the last several years. I have learned that sometimes predictions take more than a year. Sometimes two to three years. Some I hope never come true. Below are my predictions that I made for 2013.

1) I predicted a cold winter, several snows and an ice storm. The US Weather Bureau says Logan County had five light snows and two minor ice storms in 2013. They also reported a moderately cold winter.

2) I predicted at least two very bad tornadoes would hit in the state. One in seldom hit eastern Kentucky and one in western Kentucky. I also predicted that several tornadoes might hit in the state on the same day. The US Weather Bureau reports that very few tornadoes ever hit eastern Kentucky. One did hit Lowmanside, Kentucky on June 9, 2013. A tornado also hit in western Kentucky in Logan County on Monday June 11 at 2 p.m. This hit in the Dot, Adairville and Schochoho communities. November 17 eight western counties were hit on the same day.

3) I predicted at least three organizations in Logan County would receive significant grants and that these grants would help the citizens greatly. The answer is that the city of Russellville received a large grant for its’ fire department, that Auburn received

4) I predicted that three living past US Presidents would have serious health issues and that one of these and possible two would die. Former presidents Bush, Sr. and Clinton were both hospitalized in 2013 with serious health issues. Former President Carter is approaching 90 and seems to keep going and going and going. (Amazing man!) I believe I was a year ahead of myself on the death of at least one and possibly two past presidents.

5) I predicted that Hilary Clinton would face serious illness but would recover. Her statue in the eyes of the American public and the world would continue to grow. That she would continue to deny the possibility of running for president but would reconsider later. The answer is that Hilary Clinton suffered a serious fall resulting in a major head injury, surgery and many days of recuperation. Her vision was impaired and she has to wear very strong powered glasses. American and world public opinion polls hold Hilary in very high esteem and one of the most popular women in the world. For the past two years Hilary has denied any plans to run for president in 2016, There now seems to be some change of heart as the 2015 caucuses and primaries come closer.

6) I predicted that the new leaders of North and South Korea would begin to move their two countries towards reconciliation. No, it did not happen. The very young third generation leader of North Korea apparently does not feel secure enough to move towards any peace talks. He currently is consolidating power by firing several of his top generals and replacing them with yes men, removing his own uncle from power and having him executed and having his first wife executed as a supposedly lewd woman. In Asia young Kim is known as the crazy young president (dictator) who read a lot about Henry the Eighth of England who executed many around him including a number of wives.

7) I predicted that the civil war in Syria would escalate. That the US and its’ allies would continue to give support to the rebels and that the dictator will fall. The actual results has been that the civil war has escalated, that the USA and its’ allies are pouring in billions of dollars to overthrow the current dictator of the country and the United Nations is also putting great pressure on the old leadership in Syria. Russia continues to strongly support the dictatorship and repression in Syria where more than one million people have been killed in the past four years.

8) I predicted that the Middle-East turmoil would continue and that unrest would continue in many of its’ countries. I would say I was right on top of this one. The royal families in both Bahrain and Kuwait are still in power only because the Saudi Arabian Royal Family sent their army into each of those countries to shore up weak and very unpopular governments. In Yemen a very unpopular government barely remains in power and can fall at any time. In Egypt the pro-western army took power back from a radical religious government that wanted to run the Christians out of the country and to move to a one party state. All of the governments in this region of the world remain fearful of the regional unrest.

9) I predicted that a world famous American athlete would die unexpectedly and be missed by the world. The answer is that there were more than 90 deaths of American sports figures in 2013. Many were older and not necessarily unexpected. Jason Leffler was a veteran and very popular 37 year old NASCAR driver. He was famous for his bright red hair, big smile and for being a great sportsman. He was a veteran of truck, nationwide and spirit cup races. He was in a major race track wreck on a dirt track in New Jersey.

10) My prediction was that the economic outlook for the USA and Logan County would improve. Jobs would increase. Home sales, economic development, banking and investments would climb. The answer was that I hit the nail on the head on this one. Logan County may be doing a little better than the USA at large. Unemployment is down, home sales up, investments and banking are doing very well. Interest rates continue low making it affordable to buy a home and the stock market is booming again.

Overall I did pretty well. That crazy young dictator in North Korea hasn’t grown up yet and is frightful about his future. Former presidents Carter, Bush, SR., Clinton and Bush, Jr. are all still alive and kicking. (I am glad.) The dictator in Syria is still holding on but could go by the end of the year. I am glad I live in Logan County and am a member of the Rotary Club. I hope our newspaper grows and has more news. I hope you have a very good year. Till next week.

Good night Mrs. Bertie Angel and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

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