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I am sure a lot of you have seen the little green lizard that advertises insurance on TV and screams, “I GOT A FLAT TIRE”! Well, people I woke up screaming I got the “HEADACHE FROM ‘HECK!’” I thought my brain was going to “pop” right through the top of my head. Of course, I got a lot of sympathy from the Hubby. TEE HEE HA HA. He replied, “There is always something wrong with you.” Don’t you just love somebody that can say such soothing words!

The bad thing is it was Wednesday. You ask, what has Wednesday got to do with it. You see my doctor only works a half day on Wednesday. Who ever heard of such; a doctor only working a half day? When I called, the receptionist said she did not have an open appointment; you know the doctor only works a half day on Wednesday. She had no sympathy either. She reminded me that he had had a heart attack and had to cut his schedule in half. I wanted to say, “That is not my problem, I am the one who has the headache”. She asked me if it was life threating and of course I had to reply that it was only a headache. I could hear her in the back ground sorta laughing but to me, I thought I would die! I told her I thought my head would blow off any minute. She assured me it would not. You got it, I didn’t get an appointment and so I made an appointment for Thursday morning. She told me to take two aspirins and get back in bed. Does that sound familiar?

Well, the aspirins did work some. It was just a dull ache but I decided since I had to be in pain, I would just think up something to do to keep my mind off my “booming head”! So I tackled cleaning out the pantry. The Hubby said, “I thought you were dying with a headache”! Of course if he has a headache, he dies. He goes back to bed and doesn’t move for the rest of the day. I wish I could do that! I did lay down for just about an hour and the pain was even greater so I thought if you are going to be miserable, you might as well be constructive…..like DO SOMETHING TO PASS THE TIME FASTER.

The daughter came by and took one look at me and said, “What on earth are you doing?” You got stuff pulled out of the cabinets everywhere. I told her I had a headache and I had to try and forget it was hurting. She said, “I hope you don’t ever have anything more serious than an headache cause you will probably tear the house a part. I let her know I didn’t think that was funny at all. She replied, “It’s only a headache”! But I never get headaches. They just don’t understand.

Once again, she told me to just take two aspirins and go to bed! Ask me if I blew a fuse! I told her to just go on about her business and let me have my headache in peace.

Of course the Hubby had to join the chorus and chime in that he did not understand why on earth I had to tear up the kitchen just because I had a headache. I told him, just look at all these spices that are out of date and Christmas is coming and I have cooking to do. Of course he let me know that they had been in that cabinet for the past year and it did not seem to bother me whether they were out of date or not. The last cake you baked tasted wonderful to me. Woman, why don’t you just “SUFFER IN PEACE” and let us have a quiet Wednesday just like always. I will have to speak to that doctor and tell him he can’t have Wednesday off anymore, especially when you have a headache. This problem will give me a heart attack before the day is over.

Well, as you well know, I lived to see Thursday come and I was at the doctor’s office bright and early. His nurse said, it’s so nice to see you again”. You would have thought I had just dropped by for coffee. After I told her I had this awful headache, she said “is that all”! The receptionist told me she thought you were dying! Well, so much for that. I told her that I thought I was yesterday.

Of course the doctor was his same old calm self and assured me I would live and gave me all kinds of instructions on how to eliminate this headache and all the headaches I might have in the future. But the most important part was, I am going to give you two shots and want you to come in tomorrow for another one! I won’t mention where I got the shots. My head is not hurting now but where I got the shots doesn’t feel too good. It is now Friday and I have got to get myself back up to the doctor’s office for that other shot.

Thank goodness, that ordeal is over and I won’t mention how delighted the Hubby and the Daughter was when I told them I felt better.

Till next time, this is Tulip Green telling you to keep yourself well during the Holiday Season because life is short and we have to live each moment! Bye Now…..

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