Adairville begins ‘Sharpen the Saw’ Fridays

Photos submitted Mrs. Hendricks works with a student during the Scrapbooking session.

Now that the school year has kicked off and students, teachers, and parents have gotten adjusted to the rigors of the school day, Adairville School is looking to add a little something extra to the education of its students. As a “Leader in Me School,” Adairville participates in a program designed at nurturing the development of autonomous, self-motivated students who can both lead as well as work collaboratively with others. Based on the works of Stephen Covey and formed around the seven essential habits of highly effective people, the “Leader in Me” program is an intricate part of the day-to-day operations at Adairville.

Using the “Leader in Me” program as a guide, Adairville School kicked off its “Sharpen the Saw” Fridays. “Sharpen the Saw” refers to one of the seven habits in the “Leader in Me” program and is aimed at expanding student horizons beyond conventional academic study and involving them in activities that bolster physical and fine-motor skill development. Teachers and staff volunteer to offer a variety of activities that students sign up for and spend an hour on Fridays participating in. These outside the box opportunities offer students a chance to learn, participate, and get hands-on experience in topics they are interested in learning more about.

Students in grades 5-8 are able to join groups like Mr. Mike Brindley’s Campus Service Team. Here they learn about the school and how it is run, see what goes into the upkeep of the school, and they are empowered to participate in activities aimed at bettering the upkeep of the school as a whole. For students with a crafty side, there is Mrs. Bouldin’s Hair Braiding group, Mrs. Hendricks Scrapbooking group, Mrs. Garrett’s Paper Quilling group or Mrs. Robertson’s Cross Stitching group, all of which expose students to new and practical skills and hobbies. If outdoors is more students’ speed, they can join Mrs. Stevenson-Laurent’s Nature Hike group or work on the beautification of the front of the school with Nurse Jane. Artistic talents are given the chance to be expressed in Mrs. Dossett’s Canvas Painting group or Mr. Justin Kirby’s Post-It Note Art group.

For the younger students in the building, it’s creativity and fun with Mrs. Potter’s Magic Tree House club or a variety of dancing groups, which are sponsored by Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Morgan. Younger students often love animals, and Mrs. Shanklin’s Farm Animals group gets to indulge in just that while Mrs. Robinson gets students on their feet with a Cross Country Running group.

In addition to the mentioned clubs, Adairville School has 17 additional clubs and activities for students to take part in during the “Sharpen the Saw” Fridays. The activities as well as their sponsors are listed below:

Kind Kids Club: Jennifer Baker

Student Advisory: Tara Cox and PTO

Computer Projects: Mallory Ervin

Recycle Crafts: Rebecca Marais

Window Art: Danielle Violette

Legos: Kerry Holloman and Emily Williams

Cooking and Crafts: Kim Skipworth

Puppet Club: Jennifer Ferguson

Wii Club: Lorie DeBerry

Basketball: Kyle Yates and JJ Marais

Dance: Deborah Davenport

Yearbook: Karen McGee

K-Nex: Beth Ramsey

Board/Card Games: Jenny Rohrs

Spooky Science: Tina Lynch

Pep Club: Kristina Rice

Creative Structures: Ben Bruni

Photos submitted Mrs. Hendricks works with a student during the Scrapbooking session. submitted Mrs. Hendricks works with a student during the Scrapbooking session.
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