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You have heard the old saying “you are in for a treat instead of a treatment”? Well, you have had it today! I am going to give you a treatment instead of a treat!!! You really can’t call it spring fever because spring has come and gone. You can’t say it’s the “DOG DAYS OF SUMMER” because summer is not officially over but I do believe that “FALL IS IN THE AIR”. Maybe that is what I can blame it on. I just have to flat out admit “my head is as empty as a Halloween Pumpkin after Halloween” You know the kind that had the big mouth cut in it and a candle burn all night long and the entire face just swiveled up! Do you get the picture or what?

Hey, I know what you can call it, the “empty head syndrome!” I got up this morning and I thought and thought but nothing…..I mean nothing POPPED in my head like it usually does. Sometime I wake up in the night and jump out of bed and “peck away on my computer”. The Hubby does not like that because he says it wakes him up. But doesn’t it sound strange that he can sit and go to sleep with the TV turn up so high I can’t even think.

I really hate to admit it but maybe I am just tired! Could that be the reason? As I look back over the past few months, I must admit I have had it in “high gear” ever since we got here. You know people coming and going. Gatherings to go to: Cooking and cleaning and my most favorite thing…..WASHING.

Everybody I know says, man, I wish I lived at the lake. They don’t know about all the little things that happen here. There is always something to clean. You see the spiders poop all over the window sills. They build beautiful webs all over your decks. The squirrels run up and down your trees and knock those little “ball” like things all over everywhere and you have your broom in your hand all the time. Then the rain comes and it washes all the gravel in your walk way down in the lake and you go down with your shovel and wheel barrow and pick it up and bring it back up the hill!

But as they say, “into every life a little rain must fall”! But I keep yelling….but all the month of July. When I go Wayne’s place that is all those guys can talk about….the RAIN.

I will tell you one positive thing that has happened in my life this last week. A friend of a friend told me about a new “app” for my computer! I know I will be speaking in a foreign language to some of you but it is this little thing that you can put on your computer and its name is “LOSE IT”! It is for those people who want to lose a little weight. There is only one problem, he did not tell me how to use it. I got it on my phone and I can see those awful calories that are in everything I eat but there must be a way to keep track of them and add them up to see if you have eaten too many in one day. I will tell you that there is a great person at the library that I think can help me. I plan to go by and see him when I go in to Russellville this next Friday. If I find out how it works I will certainly attempt to have one full column on how to work this new APP that I have acquired. Of course if my mind is still as blank as it is today, then you probably won’t hear about this again. It will be because I did not understand a word he told me. Computer stuff is a foreign language in it’s self.

Well, it’s good bye for now. Sorry I did not have any juicy gossip from the lake. Nobody has invited me to their parties lately and believe me people are having them. That music can be heard “far and wide”! Like the Hubby says, “woman, just sit still on our deck and enjoy the music”. With that I will tell you one more time, just like you have never heard it before, “enjoy the moment because that is all we have”! Bye Now

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