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It is so neat to jump out of bed and look out over the lake and think, what am I going to do today? You notice I have not mentioned going fishing lately. I have been watching guys out on the lake “fishing by” and I would ask them how many fish they had been catching! Well, I must report that they did not have too much to report. Yesterday there was two young guys come by in the best looking boat I have seen in a while. It was white with BIG blue lettering on it. Yep, you got it. It said UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY all down the side. It also had big UK symbols on the plastic shields over the drivers and passengers seats. I asked them just by chance were they UK fans? You should have seen their faces; if looks could kill, I would be dead as a door knob right now. Man, the UK people here are something else; even when they are fishing. Of course their reply was that they had only caught one big bass down the way and after they cruised around our dock they started that 200 horse power motor and zoomed away. I guess they thought I was just some noisy woman standing on the bank taking a survey of “who had caught fish that day”! Of course, the Hubby said, “That is some boat”! I had to remind him that a boat does not make you a good fisherman. You see I have seen old timers in the worst looking John Boats and they catch fish like you wouldn’t believe. And as the Hubby always says, you can’t fish if you are always cleaning your boat. You got to get that thing out on the water and go! I guess that is good advice but I really hate to get in his boat and look for a clean spot for me to sit down. You see he has two tackle boxes, too many poles a box of tools and a few other miscellaneous items that I won’t mention. Of course the fish and wild life people require a paddle, life jackets and of course I require a small cooler and a picnic sack to carry all my lucky snacks. The Hubby has a spot for me to sit so I can level out the boat. We don’t want to go down the lake running lop sided.

Back to the business at hand, you read last week about the Carolina Wrens that took up residence in my air plane plant. Well, it happened just like I knew it would. Yesterday as I was watching the mother bird feed the little ones, I told the Hubby that that little nest was getting too little for those two birds. You could see their little chest all puffed up. Well, this afternoon the nest was empty. They were so little. I can’t understand how such a small bird could make it on its own in such a short time. We looked it up on the internet and the mother bird will sit on the eggs for two weeks, they hatch and then feed them for two weeks and I guess they are considered grown. We are already missing them. It was so cute seeing the mother and father feed them. I was right; I have one sad Hubby now. He is missing them already.

I went to the new Library the other day and it is really neat. Very helpful! I don’t care what question I asked, they were ready with a great answer. They have audio books now. You can down load them on your phone or IPAD and listen to them through your ear phones or connect them through your car speakers. Do you know they don’t even put disc players in some new cars now? That happened to me and I had to find out just how to listen to my music and now I can listen to books. I noticed on their calendar of events for the month that they had all kinds of interesting thing to do and learn. If you haven’t been there, I recommend a visit.

We are going to have a busy month in August. We have birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions. It is so great to see everyone. Especially those you have not seen for a long time. Don’t wait to give that special person a call. Pick up the phone and tell them that old TG said to call.

This was the last free week for the kids that go to school in Logan County. That old bell is going to ring and all the mothers will be pleased and the children will be very displeased. I saw parents gathering up all the school supplies that they needed but I don’t remember us having to have all that STUFF when I was young. All we needed was a “big fat pencil” and a tablet that was really wide. I even heard a rumor that the school system was not going to teach hand writing anymore. I can’t believe that. We are just living too fast….in an electronic world.

I must say so long, farewell and hope you have a great week. Enjoy all this wonderful cool weather. I predict that we will have the hottest September on record. I say this because we have had a very cool summer; so fall has got to be hot. Don’t put those shorts up too soon.

Make sure you enjoy every moment because I will be seeing you again next week. Bye now!

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