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Larry Sitz Kedron Church of Christ

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A recent visitor to my drive greeted me with these words. “Do you believe that Jesus Christ is coming back soon, because the world has gotten so evil and all the signs are coming together that foretell his coming?” I asked what “signs” he was speaking of? He replied, “why all the signs in Matthew chapter 14, the wars, nation against nation, earthquakes, famines, and tribulations like this earth has never seen before.” Since I had read this scripture a time of two, I knew exactly of what he was speaking. We had a brief discussion of how these things had already came to pass or there are some extremely old people walking the earth (Matt. 24:34). He informed me that the bible could not be understood alone, that I had taken it out of context, and offered to sell me a pamphlet to help me better bring God’s word into focus. When I refused his offer and told him the bible was sufficient for me, he went away mumbling about how some people could not be helped.

I do believe that Matthew chapter 14 is one of the most, of many, misunderstood and misquoted chapters of the bible. Clearly Jesus was not describing events that would take place in this century. It is a perversion of God’s word to try and make the first 34 verses of Matthew 24 refer to our time, for plainly, they do not.

Most people that I discuss the bible with are looking for signs that point to Christ’s second coming or signs and feelings in their hearts that tell them they are right in their relationship with God. Jesus tell us in Luke 11:29-30, “This is an evil generation, they seek a sign, and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet. For as Jonas was a sign to the Ninevites, so shall the Son of man be to this generation.” I’m afraid all those waiting for a sign, might have a long wait, since Jesus tells us there will be none, except him. In Jesus’ time on earth he left us all the miraculous signs that we need, and they are written down for our learning that we forget not. If we study our bible we will see all the signs necessary to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and salvation is possible only through him (John 14:6).

In Luke chapter 16 we read of Jesus’ oration on Lazarus and the rich man after death. As the rich man in torment saw Lazarus in comfort in the bosom of Abraham, he requested that Abraham send Lazarus back to warn his brothers of this place where he was, so they might not come there also. But Abraham told him, if they would not hear Moses and the prophets, then neither would he be persuaded if one went to them from the dead. We have heard it said again and again, “God just show me a sign and I will believe, yet they refuse to believe the hundreds of signs that Jesus shows us in his holy word. It would seem that those who are waiting for a sign are only looking for an excuse to not do what God commands, and would not believe, even if they were given a sign.

Now brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, I earnestly contend that we not put off coming to Jesus, for this life is swiftly slipping away, and we are not guaranteed even one more breath before we are called before the judgment seat of Christ on that great and notable day (II Cor. 5:10). Remember that Jesus is patiently waiting and we can have the peace of God that passeth all understanding to keep our hearts and our minds through him now (Phil. 4:7). Are you willing and ready, or are you waiting for a sign?

We invite all who would, to come together with us each Sunday morning at Kedron on the Coopertown Road, Russellville, Kentucky, to worship God in spirit and in truth. We neither add to God’s word or take from it. Bible study at 10:00 and Worship at 11:00. If anyone has questions: please call 270-657-2455..

Brother Richard Sitz speaks on the first Sunday of each month and Crittenden Drive Church of Christ has graciously supplied us with a host of guest speakers for the remaining weeks of the month. We invite one and all to come visit with us and be uplifted by these fine presentations of the “Good News” of God’s holy word.

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